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Leadership Breakthrough One Rated 9.7 / 10

Leadership Breakthrough One has made me become a stronger leader.  Leadership is not just about business activity, it’s about all areas of your life, especially family.  I’ve now discovered the

Management Skills Rated 9.3/10 by Attendees

Management Skills for Managers and Leaders is an amazing course that kept us engaged throughout.  Many practical skills were taught that would be easily applied not just for work benefit,

Team 2818 rates Leadership Breakthrough One 9.6 / 10

Wow.  What an amazing experience.  Leadership Breakthrough One has truly transformed my life for the better.  Great program, great facilitators and I highly recommend this course to everyone.  I am

Power Communication Breakthrough rated 9.6 / 10

Power Communication is an amazing course and a great experience. I personally benefited a lot and it has changed my perspective of life. Haysam Takriti Rapport Leadership courses are unlike

Team 2817 rates Leadership Breakthrough One 9.8 / 10

Leadership Breakthrough One is the most powerful leadership course I’ve ever done. It isn’t for the faint-hearted, but neither is being a powerful leader. If you want to get out

Power Communication Rated 9.8 / 10 by Attendees

The content and delivery of Power Communication was phenomenal. I’ve learned so many relevant communication techniques and look forward to implementing them in my life. – Alison Attard, Director, BNI

Team 2815 Rates Leadership Breakthrough One 9.5 / 10

10/10 Wow! Wow! Wow! What I loved most about Rapport’s Leadership Breakthrough One was that we were in a small group.  This meant that I could not hide, but instead

Team 2813 Rates Leadership Breakthrough One 9.5 / 10

Coming into Leadership Breakthrough One I wasn’t sure what to expect, and now that I’ve completed it I struggle to describe just how life changing it has been in such

Team 2811 Rates Leadership Breakthrough 9.6/10

I sought out Rapport Leadership to help take my leadership skills to where I wanted them to be. This course has exceeded my expectations and I have accomplished everything I

Team 2810 Rates Leadership Breakthrough One 9.9/10

Leadership Breakthrough One was a fantastic way of raising my self-awareness in the context of being a leader and a human being. Highly recommendable. 10/10 Peter Maibom, CEO, Ecowise Ultra


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For more than 30 years, Rapport Leadership has reinvented the way leadership is taught and empowered new leaders with the confidence, self-esteem, and focus necessary to improve their results and build high performance teams. Thousands of organisations, educational institutions and parents turn to us to develop new leaders.