Leadership Breakthrough One was a fantastic way of raising my self-awareness in the context of being a leader and a human being. Highly recommendable. 10/10

Peter Maibom, CEO, Ecowise

Ultra high intensity course that delivers exceptional value for money. It is hard, challenging and revealing. I got both meaning and value. Just do it!

Neil Alexander, General Manager, Prismatik

Leadership Breakthrough One is a rollercoaster ride of emotions. Who doesn’t love a rollercoaster? Never experienced anything quite like it. So worth EVERY MINUTE!!! 10/10

Jasmine Dixon, Office Manager, Davson Art

I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to attend Leadership Breakthrough. It has relevance to each individual regardless of age, position or title, from stay at home mom to CEO. I have experienced growth in so many areas of my life as I have become aware of the areas that need change to fully reform and reinvent myself. I have reached the next level of leadership! 10/10

Michelle Biggs, Administrator, Acacia Tortillis Investments

What a course! It may be short but you will feel like you have learned a month. The trainers are spectacular, knowledgeable and very committed. It is difficult to overstate the impressive and positive transformation everyone in the class went through. Just do it!   10/10

Rob Morris, Managing Director, Prismatic

I loved this experience, it has been a great journey. The best part is realizing how powerful I am and to actually see myself. I loved all of it, the downs before the ups, because the ups feel so good after dusting yourself off. 10/10

Layal Kaddour, Director, Weddings by Lilly

Leadership Breakthrough One has awakened me and motivated me to be my absolute best. I will not hold back and while I have always lead from the front, I will now inject enthusiasm into my delivery. I will apply the skills I have learned back at work and at home. Eye contact is a key tool I will use from now on. 10/10

Mike Fox, Director, Reoco NZ

Leadership Breakthrough One enabled me to really understand my weaknesses and has taught me tools I can use to work through them and also increased my motivation to do so. The trainers are highly professional and knowledgeable and also very encouraging. I was impressed by the whole Rapport team. 10/10

Melissa Tonks, Clinical Lead Radiation Therapist, Radiation Oncology Centres

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to grow my self-worth and confidence in myself and to know I am a warrior. I will no longer doubt my actions. I am strong and passionate and this was definitely unleased. I will make a commitment to put this into my life 100% all of the way. 10/10

Jessica McAleer, Director, Hippity Hop Childcare

If you want to get a new sense of purpose in life, grow your vision for the future or boost your self-confidence and leadership skills then Rapport Leadership is definitely the place to go. 10/10

Ricardo Raad, Director, Hills Motor Repairs

Leadership Breakthrough One was the best. I was open in the end and kicked ass. I have found myself and you will see me around changing lives. 10/10

Kazz Vandermeer, Director, Rosegarden Childcare

Wow, what a course. It was tough, fun, challenging and rewarding. I had a great time and learnt a lot. I left feeling renewed and energised. I will recommend this course to everyone I know and will share what I have learned at every chance. I am a leader! 10/10

Dominic Procter, Managing Director, Modph

Leadership Breakthrough One has been one of the best courses I have ever attended. The information and learnings from this course will change my career and my personal life in a positive and inspirational manner. I have broken some serious limitations and boundaries all courtesy of this course. 10/10

Alex Hezari, Director, Taylor Nicholas

Leadership Breakthrough One was very challenging but “no pain – no gain”. The course changed my perception of myself and attitude to others. 10/10.

Robert Vernon, Accountant

Leadership Breakthrough allowed me to state out loud that I have the knowledge and deserve to be here. I benefited by being able to understand how to be focused and that by being focused I could achieve more. I liked the challenge and being out of my comfort zone. 10/10

Anthony Porracin, Owner, The Parkway Childcare Centre

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