In Leadership Breakthrough Two, team dynamics are explored through a variety of hands-on indoor and outdoor processes and challenges that highlight communication, collaboration, and trust.

Processes are powerful metaphors for real-life team situations. Each challenge produces individual and team growth, and solidifies the behaviours of high performance teams delivering material skills and tactics to implement with your own team.

What will you learn at the course?

  • High performance team attributes
  • Flexibility and creativity
  • Focus and taking action
  • Roles in a team
  • Trust and respect
  • Playing big
  • Decision-making and accountability

What results can you expect by attending?

  • Leaders that create team synergy and high performance team members

  • Flexibility and creativity that eliminate performance barriers and foster continual growth and learning that benefit your organisation
  • Dependable, consistent behaviours with abundant follow through, accountability and clear communication
  • Initiative and decision making ability to propel the company towards its goals, mission and vision
  • True potential unleashed and limitless possibilities identified
  • Decision making skills to move beyond isolation and organisational silos

Recommended viewing prior to the course:  The Poseiden Adventure
Note: You must complete Leadership Breakthrough One at least two weeks prior to participating in this course.

What’s included in the price?

  • Course materials and handouts
  • Accommodation
  • All meals and refreshments
  • Invitation to join a Leadership Breakthrough Mastermind group
  • Ability to reattend the program for free in the future
  • Invitation to exclusive alumni events to keep your spirit fired

Contact us for next Leadership Breakthrough Two training dates.

Location: Sydney, NSW

Due to the intensive nature of this program, places are strictly limited.

Registration: Upon arrival you will be assigned to a room; your first meal will be served at approximately 6PM prior to the start of the training. The approximate duration of each day’s training is:

  • Day One – 5 hours
  • Day Two – 15 hours
  • Day Three – 6 hours

Periodic breaks, meals and snacks are offered throughout each day. The last day of your training will be celebrated with a graduation upon your successful completion of the course.

Note: You must be a graduate of Leadership Breakthrough One in order to attend this course.



LB1 was amazing… And I would say that LB2 is the necessary extension of that class to really drive home the commitments you’ve made to yourself. Additionally it was amazing to see the limits I had placed on myself be blown away by… Myself! It’s all a choice and with the support of your team and facilitator, you truly reach a new level. – K.Buchanan, HR Generalist, PABCO Roofing

Rapport helped me to find the balance in my life … even though I thought I already had it. – G.Carey, President, U-Haul Company

A great course which does a very good job implementing the skills learned in a class setting. LB2 definitely was “break through” for me doing a good job of getting me out of my comfort zone in a safe setting! – D.Lynn, Sr. VP Financial Services, Farm Credit Mid America

I am 65 and not in the best of health.   I completed all of the challenges of LB2 thanks to the 10 members of our group. It was such a sense of accomplishment for me.   It gave me the encouragement to take care of a number of things in my life that I have been putting off.   My first day back and already I have some of those items checked off my list to do! – S.Flury, Marketing Director, Apache Nugget Corporation

Leadership Breakthrough 2 was an amazing experience for my personal development. Through it I was able to identify some personal challenges that have been holding my business and I back. As a result of this training, I have a solid plan of attack to address those issues in my life and begin pushing things forward. I also had the opportunity to connect with an outstanding group of people and build real relationships with them that will continue outside of the class. – B.Gatti, Partner, Inspire Business Concepts

This was my Master Grad course. LB2 did an outstanding job of tying it all together. A definite must for any LB1 grad. – S.Smith, Foreman, Wallwork Truck Center

I received the opportunity to make insights about myself and how I show up in relationship to team building. LB2 is sharply focused at peeling back the layers of an individual in regards to how their traits interact and come out when involved with other people. I would highly recommend anyone who is wanting to further their leadership to attend this class. – R.Hudson, Purchasing Coordinator, Service Legends

Another awesome experience! – T.Spencer, General Sales Manager, PCBP PABCO Roofing Products

I was introduced to helping me find and develop my and my families core values. I realized about the things that I was complacent to in my life. To walk the skinny branches in life and going after what it is I desire in life and making a timeline and doing it. Trusting myself and others and leading whether its from the front or behind. Whatever is necessary to get me or my team where we need to be. – K.RUMSEY, COMFORT ADVISOR, GENERAL AIR CONDITIONING

This is exactly what needed right now! I got way more than I was expecting!   I am blown away! Grateful and focused on moving forward! – B.Arzani, Owner, Results Group

LB2 is the best leadership course I have taken. It was worth every penny! I was able to get in touch with the core values I need to further develop my leadership skills. I learned the in depth meaning of trust and integrity – the basis / foundation for any successful organization. – M.Dutton, DOSM, Interstate

Breakthrough Leadership 2 has changed my life. I have a choice each day what to do with my life. I am inspired to show up “BIG” each and every day and to be fully present in all relationships and events in my life. I am Strong, I am Powerful, I Overcome, I AM A LEADER! – J.Vande Steeg, Regional Director of Operations, Interstate Hotels & Resorts

LB2 was a great refresher from taking LB1 a few years ago. The trainers are amazing!! I came home with renewed spirit and ready to apply what I learned. – S.Deane, Program Analyst, National Park Service

I was able to overcome many fears and doubts about myself by using the power of teamwork. Rapport helped me be open minded and achieve a higher level of success in business and in my personal life. Just do it! – S.Gilchrist, Comfort Advisor “sales”, Service Champions

LB2 was a life changer for me. I have heard other people say those words in the past and simply dismissed their words. Then October 3, 2014 I began my LB2 class and it happened to me. LB2 was a 50/50 class for me. 50% refresher and 50% new information. I am so thankful for all who had a part in my attendance at this class. I so look forward to being able to attend PC and EQ. I truly know and understand how to take what I have learned and apply them in every area of my life.   Thanks to all who made this wonderful experience happen to and for me. – C.Blackburn, Prep Cook, Rapport

LB 2 is an amazing experience! Completely different from LB1, this course is a gateway to success both in leadership and in life. Whether it’s for your work, your home, or your community, Rapport’s LB2 course will equip you with the environment to discover, define then engage in the pursuit of your true potential. It’s all practical, attainable material that took me to a superior plane of existence. Thank you for all that went into LB2 to make it a superb and life-enhancing experience. – J.Kremner, Project Manager, Dominion

The course is great!! A leader has to know their strengths and weaknesses and the strengths and weaknesses of each member on the team. Communication is key; it requires the use of verbal and non-verbal attributes, as well as using Power words!!   Focus is very important. As well as visualization, if you see your team completing a difficult task, it will be done. A team requires trust, core values, rules of engagement and a process to plan and execute all obligations. DANTOTSU!! – C.Benesocky, Controller, Metal Fabricators and Welding Ltd.

Most difficult yet rewarding trainings that you can ever attend to advance your leadership and life skills! – C.Goldsmith, AgDirect Territory Manager WA/OR, Farm Credit Services of America

From this experience I realize the incredible impact I will have on the world. It starts with myself. Knowing that I am an amazing leader is first. Now that I embrace that, I am unstoppable and I will inspire the individuals that are in my life. I will have fun and cheer on my team, leading them to greatness as one. – S.Stripling, Assistant Controller, Win-River Resort & Casino

This course is all about working together as a team with processes to get to a goal. It forces you to look honestly at yourself and ask those hard questions like: What are your strengths and where do you need to change or improve? Do you have a plan or is personal and work accomplishments ‘good nuf’.   This is a great, possibly life changing program and I strongly recommend it for all adult ages! – R.Terrin, VP Sales, High Country Beverage

What an amazing experience LB2 was!! It took 3 years to fully complete my Master Grad and I believe I saved the best for last!! What an awesome course to incorporate LB1 & PC and put all of the tools I have leared to use. We had an amazing group of people and all of whom I would consider my new extended family. I truly believe Rapport has created the path for me to become a strong leader at home and in my career. – E.Rhead, Accounts Payable Manager, Staker Parson Companies

Leadership Breakthrough 2 is a terrific class! You will learn how to create trust in your team and will experience how exciting it is to be part of a highly performing team. The instructors are very experienced and will deliver a class that will not disappoint. – A.Oran, Director of Application Development, Farm Credit Services of America

Rapport has changed my life! The process is brilliant! – E.Heier, Assistant Center Manager ECC Dispatch, US Forest Service

Life changing program saved my family saved my marriage – C.Goodman, lead blaster, S&M Construction

If you don’t want to face the truth and recognize where changes needed to be made, don’t go to Rapport! – W.Raulerson, VP of Operations, Wayne Automatic Fire Sprinklers

I’m very impressed with the personal development I’ve made as a direct result of LB1 and LB2! – T.Ogden, Vice President, Health and Safety Services

This particular course helped me learn how to trust others and their abilities; develop patience and reduce frustration with others in a challenging learning environment.   Rapport has played a large role in helping me grow to become a better leader, person, brother and husband. You have facilitated a learning platform that is surrounded by quality instructors, challenging course materials and an environment of building quality relationships that can last a lifetime! I have reached the Master Graduate level and I look forward to sharing my new passion and talent with all that I meet. I am glad that I decided to become a part of the Rapport Leadership family! – M.Zemba, Area District Vice President

The course was amazing it challenges you to become a team and look at things in your life, where you need improvement. – C.Moss, Sales Rep, Wayne Automatic Fire Sprinklers Inc.

I received A LOT more than expected. I got a start to a new life. OUTSTANDING facility, staff, counselors, kitchen staff, house staff. From what I experienced I wouldn’t change a single thing about Rapport !!!! – J.Gochis, Pump operator, Frontline concrete pumping

It really helps to open your eyes about who you are and how quickly people can come together as a TEAM – T.Densley, installer, DCS Air conditioning

It was truly an amazing experience, one that I will take with me from graduation day forward. I will always continue to support Rapport Leadership International and give back in as many ways as I can. – R.Bravard, Accounting Specialist, LVMPD

LB2 was an amazing experience. It was great to work in a team element but still be able to focus on my own personal traits and flaws. I loved all of the processes and the challenges that were thrown to us. I loved how I was able to take different thoughts and priorities away from both classes. I keep reflecting back on LB2 and feel so much more calm and collect with anything I go through during the day now.   I wish I could stay in the Rapport setting everyday that is one of my dreams, to make my work environment with all my co-workers that empowerful. We will strive further and better than we do now, which we have a good team now but it can always get better. JFDI and live the DASH! – T.Brosnahan, Police Officer, LVMPD

Leadership Breakthrough 2 was an adventure that I will never forget. I did things that I thought were impossible and will utilize lessons learned with my team at work. The course led me down a path to plan for my future and determine what it is that I plan on doing with my life. It will be a driving force behind the time I have left on this earth and what I will do with that time. The course was a defining moment in my life. Thank you Rapport for being an inspiration for me. – B.Whitmarsh, Sergeant, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Dept

After completing LB2 this past week-end, I am officially a Master Grad! I think all the classes are great and for me, LB2 was outstanding… Going into this final course I was not apprehensive as before. It is so mind boggling to me how we can start out on Friday night as perfect strangers and on Sunday I just love them all!!! Instructor and On Team personnel as well!! Never in a million years did I think I could accomplish all the things I did this week-end. I think the most important thing I gleaned form LB2 is that teamwork is essential to succeed and in order for me to succeed, I will stop holding back and step forward! Thank you Rapport Leadership International for empowering me to be the BEST of the BEST!!! – C.Rose, Receptionist/ Office Manager, Fremont Optometric Group

Great course!! Loved it! I am always happy to tell my friends and family about the class as I want them to attend!!!!! – B.Pederson, Mechanical Engineer, March Consulting


You deserve to give yourself any of the Rapport Leadership International classes.   Leadership Breakthrough I totally allowed me to move forward in both my personal and professional life. Leadership Breakthrough allowed me to experience a once in a lifetime event.   All other leadership classes fall short.   Rapport courses allows you to take yourself to the next level and the next and the next 🙂 – V.Garbeh DAvis, LEST Supervisor, LVMPD

My time at LB2 has been one of the most memorable experiences in my entire life. I faced many challenges and was able to to go above and beyond to exceed expectations. This helped me look back on my life and learn from my experiences and go forward by focusing on the things that matter most to me. – D.Muchnick, Assistant VP Business Technology Support, Farm Credit Mid-America

It was amazing! After LB1, I felt like I did things I wasn’t capable of, and LB2 was 10 times more! Our group accomplished incredible things together and I learned that with the right leader and trust in your team that you can accomplish anything! – K.Hughes, Mortgage Banker, Patriot Bank Mortgage

I was changed when I attended LB1, seeing how far I grew. So coming into LB2, I was prepared to grow, but curious how we could grow much more in this area. I was so not prepared to grow exponentially. This is by far the greatest training I have ever been a part of. I enjoy the real life application and ability to focus on how you work well with other people by first understanding yourself. It is an experience I intend on giving to my children, so they can use these gifts for the rest of their lives. I cannot thank Rapport enough for this unique and outstanding training. – E.Risinger, AVP Application Development, Farm Credit Mid-America

Rapport is truly a life changing experience. Not only do you become a better leader, you become a better person overall. – M.McMahill, LEST Supervisor/Training Coordinator, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department

There is only one work to describe my experience with Rapport and the course I have taken. Phenomenal! – J.Taylor, Coordinator of Alumni Events and Programs, UNLV Alumni Association

What an amazing experience!   I was able to identify areas in which I needed improvement and through LB2 was given the skills and confidence to understand and address those areas.   I am ready to take what I have learned and apply it to my job and my life. – S.Russell, Manager, Hard Hat Lounge

The Leadership Breakthrough training courses at Rapport Leadership International are the perfect spark for igniting new passion and enthusiasm in strong leaders, complacent leaders and future leaders alike! – C.Forst, President, TCBY Yogurt

Rapport transformed the way I view life. Life is no longer a race to suffer through, but a journey to experience, enjoy, a excel in. I want to live each day to the best of my ability, and empower others to do the same. I wish I had discovered the Rapport way in high school! JFDI! – J.Jordan, Administrative Coordinator, UNLV Alumni Association

This was the best challenging experience I have faced. It makes me excited and joyful! – E.Jackson, Administrative Assistant, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department

Rapport is an amazing program. LB2 took me farther then I thought I could go possible. I thought the same after LB1 but again Rapport let me show myself that I have more!!! – N.Farese, Police Sergeant, LVMPD

Excellent experience. – E.Minnick, GM, Service Legends