The content and delivery of Power Communication was phenomenal. I’ve learned so many relevant communication techniques and look forward to implementing them in my life. – Alison Attard, Director, BNI Sydney South West

I have attended countless workshops and courses and because I came into this workshop with expectations that it would be exactly like all the others…….interesting research, learn voice coaching, take notes and two weeks later forget it all in preference for holding onto the bad habits which I’ve used as tools to continually sabotage my ability to communicate effectively. What I gained instead from this course were new techniques and processes that enabled me to find the root cause of my communication barriers, and dig the roots up. – Rene Acker-Sessions, Area Manager, Wesley Mission

Power Communication is an outstanding course – impactful and life changing! It provides a wonderful opportunity to reframe past experiences and to equip us to dare to reach for the stars. Relevant in my personal, family and business life – just exceptional. Experiential and therefore so much more impacting and therefore life changing. – Debra Manson, Director, Debra Manson Recruitment and Training

Givers gain and the trainers and staff give, give, give, give in order for each individual to gain. They are determined that everyone gets through. – Michael Attard, Director, Attards Kitchens

Power Communication is the key to a fulfilling life. It opened new doors and windows for me. I have learned to work as a team, listen, and live life to the fullest. – Elya Sergyous, Sales Advisor, ANSA Homes

This course challenged my understanding of communication and gave me a clear way to understand how to communicate in a much more effective way. – Bruce Manefield, Leadership Coach

Loved the course, being able to spend this time with some of my best employees was amazing. Can’t put a money value on how much we all gained. Made friends for life. – Nabil Hafza, Director, Future Form

Prior to attending I thought I had good communication skills and thought I understood my style of communication. This course allowed me to see things I had never noticed and at times took for granted. – Rachael Eagle

Power Communication made me remember everything I do for the people around me and the way I act and started to see things that I haven’t seen before because I was too busy with other things. – Mohamad Masri, Construction Supervisor, Future Form

Power Communication gave me a boost to my leadership skills and confidence to speak up. – Kahled Hayek Construction Supervisor, Future Form

This course was not what I thought but it managed to encompass a much deeper level, from the ground up. Basically knocking down the old building inside us and rebuilding a newer more improved model. – Jenny Manefield, Accountant

This course helped me gain confidence in speaking up in front of people I didn’t know. It has helped me to realise what improvements I will be doing in my life moving forward and provided me an opportunity to connect with and build relationships and trust with new and excellent people. – Ibrahim Hafza, Operations Manager, Future Form

It’s great to meet such colourful people and create a new team with so much fun, passion and emotion. I learned to be even more honest with myself, to keep going and pushing – and to change the approach when I want new and great results! – Sarah Wittl, Leadership Training Advisor

I really enjoyed this course. Our trainer was skilful, professional, polished and knowledgeable with a great delivery and total engagement with her students. I would highly recommend this course to any business owner. – Andrew Cox, Director, Marketing First Aid

A very worthwhile 2½ days spent on a discovery process to help me understand that my communication can make the difference in my every day engagements and on a bigger picture the lives of others around me. – Rosario Carbajal, Financial Planner

It is very interesting as things that I thought I knew about myself turn out to be different than I thought they were. It was an eye opener when it came to who I am and how I see others. – Abeer Murgus

Great course, very powerful and transforming. I recommend this course to everyone and in particular couples or individuals who want to align their ability to communicate their true voice and what they aspire to do or become. It will be challenging. This is not a fluffy weekend away course. – Frank Sellam, Director, Gernetic Skincare

I’ve learned about not being afraid to stand up and give it a go! I have more belief in myself now. I see the world differently. I’m going to be a giver! – Yussuf Mhaiche, Future Form

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