If anything was possible, what would you do with your life?

In Life Mastery, you will identify your life’s goals and dreams in seven different categories: personal, recreation, spiritual, career, financial, family and relationship.

Having clarity in each of these categories helps you create a balanced lifestyle and after completing the course you will leave with a five-year life plan with strategic goals as well as a detailed action plan for the next 12 months. This is one of Rapport’s highest acclaimed classes.


What will you learn by attending Life Mastery?

  • Create a Life Action Plan
  • Living from Abundance
  • Create Balance & Focus
  • Identify Key Priorities
  • Think from Your Goals

What results can you expect by attending?

  • Commit to an ideal life in order to make a significant shift in your thinking and behaviour
  • Think big and realise you serve no one by not succeeding yourself
  • Focus on each area of your life to live with more balance, peace, and purpose
  • Know your priorities to make time for the things that matter most to you
  • Think from your goals to create the attraction and intention required to achieve them


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