Communication is one factor that impacts every member of an organisation. Poor communication results in employee frustration and lost profits. 

Poor-Communication-1024x564From top to bottom and bottom to top, effective communication is vital to a company’s overall success. Rapport Leadership offers over a dozen courses with the primary focus of communication. Topics range from internal communication such as coaching, emotional intelligence, and conflict resolution to external communication such as customer service, presentation, and negotiation training.

Presentation Skills

As supervisors we all have to give a talk from time to time. From one to twelve people, the skills taught and practiced in this interactive class build confidence around the following presentation skills: How Adults Learn, Presentation Skills, Audio Visual Tools, Planning Skills, Story Telling, Building Credibility, using VARIETY for engaging presentations.
Course Benefits
• Through interactive processes participants leave with improved presentation skills
• Gain confidence in public and private, internal presentations
• Become an all around better presenter whether presenting to 5 or 500 people

Communications for Success – Understanding Behavioural Styles

Personal Development Profiling is used by organisations internationally to enhance and improve communication. DiSC determines personal communication preferences for individuals to gain a better understanding of their communication style, as well as improved ability to interact with, and understand others. Increasing awareness of communication styles allows for better leadership skills, stronger relationships and conflict management.
Course Benefits
• Gain a better understanding of your preferred communication style
• Understand how to quickly identify others preferred communication styles
• Learn how to better communicate with others to improve organisational performance

Conflict Management – Dealing with Difficult People

It is inevitable that we will encounter difficult people in our lives and in our workplace. In this class participants will explore ways to recognise and deal with difficult people. Understanding their own tolerance levels and developing tools to diffuse situations are a few of the skills people will leave this session with.
Course Benefits
• Managing relationships and learn methods to deal with difficult people
• Understanding tolerance and techniques to manage conflict
• Developing tools to resolve tough situations

Emotional Intelligence 1 – Dealing with Conflict

This class provides leaders with the skills to recognise how emotions drive behaviors, the difficulty in managing one’s own emotions, and the emotions of those around them. Tools to manage interpretation of information and appropriate levels of reactions are reviewed. Leaders become more aware of their unconscious behaviours and learn to effectively manage emotions to make conscious decisions for future behaviours.
Course Benefits
• Recognise the cycle of how emotions drive behaviours and build habits
• Tools to build awareness of who I am in moments of tension
• Become more aware of unconscious behaviours to do a pattern interrupt for different outcomes

Emotional Intelligence 2 – Retraining Your Brain with Assertive Communication Skills

Participants become aware of the power of patterned emotional responses, and learn how to re-train their brain in order to develop more productive habits. Developing the ability to master oneself in moments of tension and stress creates new habits as well as building a foundation for personal and professional success. Participants develop their ability to focus on assertive communication skills and handle challenging behaviours, which are essential in achieving organisational objectives.
Course Benefits
• Become aware of the power of patterned emotional responses and continue to look for pattern interrupts
• Retrain your brain to develop habits that will get different outcomes
• Enhance your ability to handle moments of tension to gain genuine awareness of behaving how you choose to behave

Phone Skills

Does your business rely on telephone sales? The Rapport telephone skills training will assure that all skills necessary to maximise telephone communication and sales are understood by the participants.
Course Benefits
• Skills needed to maximise telephone communication and sales
• Understanding and practicing communication techniques to get better results

Power Communication

– Intensive 3 day commmunication course, see our Intensive Training page for details

Sales Training

From new salespeople to seasoned professionals, we have sales training modules that can help you be more effective in your role. Identify new opportunities and overcome objections to sell more than you ever have before.
Course Benefits
• Theory plus interactive processes so participants leave with improved sales skills
• Gain confidence in how to sell by following our simple and proven sales process
• Understand the mistakes that will hold you back from sales success

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