Leadership Breakthrough One has made me become a stronger leader.  Leadership is not just about business activity, it’s about all areas of your life, especially family.  I’ve now discovered the difference between leadership and managing.
Tony Chan, Executive Director, PC Byte

Taking part in Leadership Breakthrough One has finally allowed me to break down the barriers preventing me becoming the quality leader I’m wanting to be. It’s given me clarity on my leadership journey.
James Thomas, Founder, Feel The Magic

Wow, what just happened?  There is so much we did in such a short space of time and the improvement in myself and my team members is unbelievable.  Leadership Breakthrough One is a must if you want to push to the next level.
Brad Wyber, Director, Trackie Industries

To anyone reading this and thinking of doing this leadership course, stop looking and enrol today.  Amazing isn’t the word for this course.  It’s one like no other.  The number of new concepts I learnt is truly unbelievable.  I would recommend Leadership Breakthrough One to everyone and anyone.  This program is the 1st step to success.
Amanda Galea, Youth Worker, Rap 4 Change

Leadership Breakthrough One would be by far the most unique course I have done.  I didn’t think I would enjoy it, but I have now seen the many benefits of this course.  I have overcome a lot of fears and excelled in confidence.  I will bring my knowledge to my site team and will improve with strategies moving forward.
Gino Calautti, Construction Manager, Calcono

Leadership Breakthrough One was extremely well run and the commitment by the trainers was amazing.  I will take my new-found confidence with me for the rest of my life.
Robert Kentish, State Analyst Team Leader, Viatek Services

Leadership Breakthrough One with Rapport Leadership pushed me to do better than I thought I could.  I am an experienced leader, however the facilitators helped me to break through the biggest block that had stopping me becoming a great leader.
Kyle Manson, Finance Broker Manager, CFC Finance

I learned so much in Leadership Breakthrough One including how to drive engagement, the value of challenging and supporting my team members to break through self-imposed barriers in order to grow and build confidence, overcoming fear of failure, delivering inspirational public speaking skills and trusting in the process.
Biji Jose, Quality Manager, Edwards Lifesciences

I loved Leadership Breakthrough.  I didn’t think 3 days would do anything for me, but I was wrong.  It has improved me so much.  The teachers helped a lot with that.  They are caring and inspirational.
Sarah Arcella, Youth Worker, Rap 4 Change

Leadership Breakthrough One has taken me out of my comfort zone and helped me to realise how much more I can achieve when I choose to do so.  I’ll be taking this course content into my everyday work and home life.  Thank you.
Mark Martino, Service Manager, Viatek Services

Leadership Breakthrough One helped me discover that when you bring people together as a team, and by working with everyone’s weaknesses and strengths, something very empowering happens.  I also learnt how to project myself with a lot more confidence and how to not be a perfectionist.
Affy Elzami, Director, Paint X

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