I sought out Rapport Leadership to help take my leadership skills to where I wanted them to be. This course has exceeded my expectations and I have accomplished everything I set out to learn prior to the commencement of the course. I leave this course a strong and inspirational leader ready to take my personal and business life through significant growth.
Ken Elias, Director, Fine Form Physio

I came to learn leadership. I discovered life, friendship, empowerment and much more. Thank you!
Dr Henry Law, Owner, Skin Check WA

Rapport is a totally professional organisation that has given me the focus, confidence and enthusiasm to achieve my goals and vision. The LB1 course has opened my eyes and given me the skills to be an awesome leader. This course has and will continue to change my life.
Gerald Vandermeer, Director, The Oven Cleaning Company

A truly surprising and engaging experience that changes lives forever. It is hard to imagine that anybody would not gain significant benefits from attending this leadership training.
Troy Hagen, Director, Intermax

Leadership Breakthrough One is the course that brings your personal and business skill to a whole new level through massive action. It is the foundation that makes you break through your block and walls in life. I have torn down many walls in the course and Rapport has given me the strength to just do it. Boom.
Toufic Bazouni, Director, New South Lawyers

Leadership Breakthrough One was an interesting journey that had me feeling a mix of emotions –  I will certainly apply my new found empowerment both in business and in my personal life.
Kiah Hickson, Founder and CEO, Squill

Leadership Breakthrough One could be the hardest and most rewarding two days ever in a classroom environment.
Max Bardella, Director, DBW Chartered Accountants

Leadership Breakthrough One is very concise and geared towards bringing out the best in people within a short space of time. The design of the course really helps people to connect with each other on a deeper level and develop strong friendships which can be an excellent support network for people to draw strength from particularly when they leave the classroom environment and are in the early stages of implementing what they learnt.
Anjie Lal, Business Relationship Manager

It’s not what I thought it would be. Leadership Breakthrough One pinpointed my greatest block not just in leadership but in life. I wasn’t expecting this, and I’m grateful for it! Thank you.
Graeme Addie, SwitchTC

I will definitely recommend Rapport Leadership. This course basically changed my life, and I will have a lot of fun while working.
Malek Ebrahimi, CEO, Merge Global Institute of Technology

There was so much to take in – what an amazing experience. I didn’t realize how much I was holding back in life until I broke through.
Jessica Touma, Senior Development Manager, Chiwayland Australia

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