Coming into Leadership Breakthrough One I wasn’t sure what to expect, and now that I’ve completed it I struggle to describe just how life changing it has been in such a short period of time.  The level you are able to reach as both a person and a leader is astronomical.  I cannot recommend this experience highly enough for anyone who just wants to improve their life; you cannot walk away from this the same way you walked in.
Emily Coltraine, Office Manager, Sterling First Investments

Awesome.  I never thought I would get so much from this course.  I understand myself and feel things will happen.  Cannot believe I am even saying but this is the best thing I have ever done.  I now truly believe in myself and my worth.
Carol Hill, Consultant

Leadership Breakthrough One is a great course, it really showed how to build a team and get all involved.  I loved learning about power words and about building confidence with individuals.  It is amazing what can be achieved together as a team.
Dale Healy, Director, H&H Cabinets

This course is not your standard text book number.  It throws you outside your comfort zone from the get go and forces you to look hard at yourself but in the process there is a revelation/breakthrough to help you take your leadership and teamwork to the next level.
Stuart Davison, Director, DSV Automation

Leadership Breakthrough One for me was about opening up, accepting things I cannot control or am not good at and having the strength to accept other people’s views and ability.  I have now realised I have inner strength waiting and wanting to come out.  The approach to training was confronting and honestly direct.  It brought out my best.  I know I can now move in a different direction.
Michael Attard, Director, Attards Kitchens

Leadership Breakthrough One is true to its name.  It is a safe and nurturing environment where you will be stretched.  I have received what I needed to receive.
Maurice Beinat, Director, Ecomaster

The style of the training pushed me out of my comfort zone so I now know I can achieve what I set my heart and mind to.  The trainers did a fantastic job in building and training us to be able see our true leadership potential.
Megan Bagworth, Director, Academic Group

Leadership Breakthrough One has been a wonderful and intense training within 2 days.  I have made many discoveries about myself.  I am committed to transform into a better leader for my business and family.  Made good friends.  The trainers are very experienced and knowledgeable.
Harry Nguyen, Director, Northwind Quantity Surveyors

Learning to open up and share with passion and energy is a skill I had lost.  Leadership Breakthrough One has given me better belief systems.  Starting with a team of 14 people who don’t know each other and then building such a high performing team is amazing.
Patrick Bedford, Director, Emu Run Experience

You won’t know what you’re truly capable of until you have taken part in a Leadership Breakthrough One.  I have discovered a renewed focus and strength within and learnt to harness my Ki energy.
James English, Director, Ace Parking

I am leaving this training understanding what I need to do and be to develop as a high performance team.  I have been able to break through limiting beliefs that have held me back from achieving my highest goals.
Bernadette Janson, Director, The School of Renovation

Leadership Breakthrough One has changed the foundation of my consulting practice.  I now know that integrity, passion and enthusiasm are more important than business knowledge and skill.  I highly recommend Leadership Beakthrough One to anyone who wants to lift their life and be a high performance leader.
Bruce Manefield, Director, Manefield Consulting

As soon as the training started I understood the concept but found my usual “be the grey man and do the minimum to get through the course” attitude would not work.  I was challenged to be involved and could have gone one of two ways; run away or step up.  Glad I chose the right option.
Ken Timms, Director, K&J Burns Electrical and Refrigeration

This course was a 10/10 even though I hated many of the things I was forced to do.  I trusted the system and I am glad I did not drop out.  There were a number of times I felt like getting in my car and driving home but my team mates helped me through and helped me face my demons.
Dominic Barravecchio, Director, Intermax

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