Wow.  What an amazing experience.  Leadership Breakthrough One has truly transformed my life for the better.  Great program, great facilitators and I highly recommend this course to everyone.  I am looking forward to attending future courses with Rapport Leadership.
Ned Narouz, Founder, Rap4Change

By attending Leadership Breakthrough One I now truly appreciate the difference between working together as a team as opposed to working alone.  I have learned the art of projection, and how to be authentically myself and show enthusiasm and know how to break through any future blocks to leadership I may encounter.
Loshana Karthikeya, Finance Manager, Aboriginal Housing Office

People willing to allow themselves to experience this course will always grow and enrich their lives and the lives of those around them.  I urge people to take the chance to attend Leadership Breakthrough One and enhance their lives.
Michelle Schaafsma, Mortgage Broker, Smartline

Leadership Breakthrough One has taught me to trust my team, to lead with conviction, to stand up, to speak up and be heard.
Mouhammad Zraika, Foreman, Skyform Group

Rapport Leadership Breakthrough One has opened my eyes to a whole new level of leadership.  Focus on anything with enough intensity, and it is possible.
Dino Labbozzetta, Owner, Adelaide Fresh

My thoughts are that this was an amazing experience learning how to focus, project and be enthusiastic,  which benefits how I can go out to the world and be a better leader than I was.
Belal Hafda, Director, Skyform Group

The two courses I have completed to date, Power Communication and Leadership Breakthrough One have changed me as a leader in my work and private life.  I am now a confident leader!!  Thanks to all the team at Rapport Leadership.
Ash Livingston, Quality Safety and Assets Manager, Aboriginal Housing Office

I did something big.  I quit my career as a solicitor and moved from Brazil to Australia for a growth experience.  Nothing I’ve ever been through is remotely as hard as this training.  However, now the blocks that were holding me back for my whole life are gone and I feel empowered to create a better life.
Paulo Baglioni, Solicitor

I came into this course with a fear of the unknown – will I pass, and can I do this?  I am leaving with the confidence that I never have to feel like that again about anything. Mastering mindset allows you to master success.
Tristan Cochrane, Area Manager, Service Today

I learnt so much about myself and about working as a team.  I will put the skills I have learnt into action the minute I walk into work on Monday.  The course really takes you out of your comfort zone and makes you go above and beyond for your team.
Luke Dickson, Electrical Supervisor, Future Services

Leadership Breakthrough One opened me and my team to a wealth of valuable leadership knowledge.  If you are skeptical about courses such as this like I am, have an open mind, just focus and do it.  If you trust the process, you will make a great set of valuable friends and grow yourself as a person.
Christopher Habra, Solicitor, New South Lawyers


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