10/10 Wow! Wow! Wow! What I loved most about Rapport’s Leadership Breakthrough One was that we were in a small group.  This meant that I could not hide, but instead be encouraged and supported out of my comfort zone.  Rapport Leadership has helped me take my leadership and what I thought I already knew to a whole new level!

Thy Ha, Finance Specialist, The Loan Lounge

Leadership Breakthrough One was very powerful and far exceeded my expectations.  Now, I will return to my business and personal life with an unwavering confidence, the skills and strategies to build and lead a team of leaders to their full potential, and I can leave my personal blockages and limitations behind me.  I witnessed every single one of my class team members completely transform over the course and leave as a completely different persons.  All had arrived at different stages and all completed the course as leaders!  I would recommend the course to people from all walks of life and will be sending my team members to the course to help them breakthrough as well.  Big thank you. 10/10

Daniel Hastie, Owner, Hastie Fitness

I found the facilitators to be very experienced in their material, highly skilled in presenting, inspirational and highly committed to students getting the highest benefits even beyond what they came for, as I have.  Thank you.

Mark Huston, Leadership Coach and Lecturer, Inspiring Performance Results

Rapport Leadership Australia is a well organised company that addresses all the aspects of leadership in both personal life and in business.  It was a challenging course which forced me out of my comfort zone.  I’ve learnt many fantastic skills and techniques that I will apply to my business and personal life.  Example, decisiveness, focus and awareness are all qualities I wish to adopt.

Wesley Hill, Property Specialist, Investment One

There is nothing like being taken out of your comfort zone, and then apply life’s lessons to meet all your challenges head on.  Rapport did this, helped me understand my blockage, then blast through.  I’ve made friends for life from this course. 10/10

Jerome Naidu, Client Success Manager, Pozzy

Leadership Breakthrough One allowed me to look inward and dig deep to be able to evolve and get inspired for achieving my goals.  It is not just one module, it’s not the sequence of the modules, but it’s the sum total with excellent trainers (tough, supportive and that mentor approach).  You always have more, you can do better, helped me realise a key thing in myself that I will change and reach a better balance in my family, team, clients and community to be an excellent leader.

Madhu Chaudhuri, Owner, Finance and Mortgage Solutions

Be prepared to push your boundaries and get out of your comfort zone!  A testing course where you will learn a lot about yourself and come together as a team.

Sarah Green, Office Manager, Skin Check WA

I loved the feeling of confidence and empowerment I have after 2 ½ days training.  I made a choice to pass and with the team’s help I have moved my mindset a lot more than I thought possible.  Just focus and do it. 10/10

Mie Olsen, Retail Manager, Ecco Shoes

My thoughts are this course is exceptional and I have not experienced anything like this, it is unique and well worth completing. 10/10

John Horn, Director of Finance, Sydney Symphony Orchestra

As the title suggests, this course enables attendees to breakthrough as a leader in business and life.  I thoroughly recommend this course if you wish to step up to the next level.

Adrian Fong, Director, FD Commercial Law

Leadership Breakthrough One was an amazing course.  It has helped me to get clear on what I want to achieve in my life and given me the skills to go after it. Thank you and continue making a better life for everyone. 10/10

Elya Sirgyous, Home Sales, ANSA Homes

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