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How we help

When it’s time to take the next step in your business, or you realise something needs to change, talk to us.  We have the proven strategies and the expert business coaching support that can help you

  • get your business on track
  • boost your business results, and
  • overcome the challenges that may be holding you back.
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It’s simpler than you may think with Rapport Leadership.

Who our business coaching services are for?

We are SME business coaching specialists, with extensive experience across a wide range of industries, professions and stages of business so, whether you’re 

  • starting out or
  • have an established business ready to expand or scale your business (or somewhere in between!),

with Rapport Leadership you can start steering your business with MEASURABLE RESULTS.


The Benefits of Business Coaching with Rapport Leadership

  • Increased clarity of goals, milestones and priorities
  • A clear documented plan to achieve your goals
  • Accountability and advice to keep you on-track
  • New perspectives on future growth for your business
  • Improved clarity of an empowering vision to inspire growth
  • A focus on supporting a stronger organisational culture
  • External accountability and a sounding board to achieve desired outcomes

Above all, UNLEASH a renewed sense of passion and enthusiasm for your business.


Smart, proven and practical strategies.
Experience, expertise and know-how you can count on.


Why choose Rapport Leadership as your business coaching partner?


If you’re like most running a business, you’re going to hit a roadblock from time to time.  We understand that and are here to provide you with practical strategies and coaching support to empower you as a business leader, and help you gain clarity around your business goals and reach them sooner.

What makes us so different to other business coaching services is our ability and willingness to go further in ways others don’t or can’t, paying particular attention to the changing business and digital landscape, and helping you conquer common obstacles that make it difficult taking the next step.

If you’re ready to turn things around and make measurable strides in your business, we’d love to be part of your business success story.

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Sincerely yours,

Jeremy Carter
CEO (Chief Enthusiasm Officer and Founder – Rapport Leadership Australia)


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How we deliver our Business Coaching

Your one-on-one business coaching sessions are conducted online so you don’t have to leave your work site, office, premises or home.  Unlike many online business coaching services, your business coach is a RAPPORT LEADERSHIP business coach….no outsourced ring-ins here!

Although regular business coaching sessions are done virtually online,  where practical we recommend in-person business coaching sessions to help kick things off or times when face-to-face sessions are needed.

We are Sydney business coaches providing business coaching services throughout Australia.


How Business Coaching works at Rapport Leadership



About our Business Coaching Team and Capabilities

It takes years of business experience and specialised training to be a Rapport Leadership business coach.

Our business coaches and business mentors are:

  • Experienced in a wide range of business and leadership disciplines and meet our high professional and ethical standards
  • Use proven strategies and processes that have stood the test of time
  • Can provide innovative solutions and industry networks very few can match to further enhance your business growth, profitability and success, and
  • Conduct coaching in a relatable and non-judgmental way (…and yes, sometimes with a bit of tough love too!)

Committed to helping you build and lead a great business

blankOur strategies and approach are suited to most SME businesses whatever stage or size, including

  • Start ups and new businesses
  • Sole traders
  • Small businesses
  • Medium businesses
  • Preparing a business for sale

Types of businesses we help 

  • Professional practices (accounting, legal, insurance and health)
  • All trades and trade services (construction, electrical, plumbing, handyman & mowing services)
  • Education and training
  • Marketing and advertising
  • Architectural and design services
  • Interior designers and renovation
  • HR and recruitment
  • Events and hospitality
  • Aviation
  • Motorsports
  • Digital, IT, software and computer services
  • Manufacturing, logistics and distribution
  • Business services
  • Retail
  • Mining industry services
  • Disability services
  • Home businesses
  • Franchise businesses
  • Start ups
  • And more!

NEW!  Exclusive Online Business Training and Resources

Did you know that with Rapport Leadership business coaching services, you have access to a wealth of resources to support you in your leadership and business journey, including FREE business training videos available on demand to help give a boost to your business knowledge and education.


Effective and professional business coaching services designed to help you bring your business to life.


Do I have to grow my business big to benefit from business coaching?

blankAbsolutely not!  If you’d like to improve your business, but not sure if you want to be bigger, you’re not alone.  Many business owners and leaders feel comfortable with the size they are and choose our business coaching services to

  • Improve the way they run their business
  • Learn how to manage cashflow better
  • Increase profits, competitiveness and efficiency
  • Implement cost-effective marketing strategies (including getting a grip on social media!)
  • Want to find out how to go about a digital transformation
  • Be able to recruit, manage and retain staff better
  • Reclaim work-life balance or
  • Need assistance with preparing a business for sale.

With Rapport Leadership business coaching services, you are in total control of your business goals.

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Can business coaching help when my business feels like its going backwards?

Rest assured, frustration with where your business is happens to just about every business owner at some point.  The great news is, the sooner you have the right strategies, structure and expert know-how for your size and stage of business, YOU’LL be better equipped to tackle difficulties and lead your business in a better direction.


Powering up and supporting Australian businesses with strategies that work.


Think you’re not ready or too busy for business coaching?
Here’s why there’s never been a better time than NOW to get started.

  • Reach your business goals sooner
  • Be empowered as a business leader
  • Start overcoming challenges and worries that are holding you back (including cash flow, sales and managing a team)
  • Avoid the many common mistakes that bring businesses down
  • Have your own business expert to bounce around ideas and gain practical insights and know-how

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