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Sample Leadership Analysis Before you can move forward with improving the leadership skills within your organisation, you need an honest appraisal of where you are currently at so you can determine the key areas in which improvement is necessary.

Complete the two minute survey below to identify the key areas within your organisation that could transform your leadership, culture and business results.

You will emailed a report clearly identifying your organisational leadership strengths and areas for improvement. We will then contact you for a discussion to identify relevant strategies and training to help your organisation grow and thrive.

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    Below is your five minute organisational leadership assessment. Please answer each question rating honestly based on your current understanding of the situation. We will analyse your results and identify how we can best serve your specific needs. You can answer the "I have..." statements from either a personal viewpoint or based on your understanding of where the team is at.
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  • The team understands the goals, roles and responsibilities within the organisation.
  • The individuals leading the organisation are the right ones to get us there.
  • All members of the team know our Company Mission/Purpose Statement.
  • I have the information I need to be successful in my role.
  • I receive positive and constructive feedback regularly.