Communication is an essential leadership skill paramount to success. Improving your communication skills will enable you to communicate with greater clarity and confidence.


Are you looking for communication training that can help you rapidly improve your communication skills and confidence?

Would you like to find out how to put people at ease in a matter of moments, understand what others are really saying, and get in rapport with any communication style instantly?

At Power Communication Breakthrough you’ll learn and practice powerful techniques that will help you to increase your communication effectiveness immediately.

Learn to identify your learning and communication preference for visual, auditory, and kinesthetic modalities, and how to use this to improve your communication outcomes in all areas of life, and so much more.

An intensive and interactive 2.5-day communication training course like no other, and a must for anyone who works with others to get things done.  Read on to learn more about what skills are developed, what others have to say about this game-changing course, and next dates.

Let us help you discover a whole new world of communication possibilities, and secure your spot today!

This course is ideal for:
  • Leaders, Managers, Supervisors, Business Owners, and anyone who collaborates with others to make things happen.
  • Anyone in a role where Selling, Negotiating and Building Trusted Relationships is important.
  • All Levels of Leadership Experience, as well as Teams and Partners wishing to foster stronger relationships and better communication.
Course details:

When:  April 12-14, 2019
Time:   Friday 6:30pm until Sunday 5:00pm
Where: Parramatta, NSW (Waldorf Apartment Hotel)

Book now.  Seats strictly limited.

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I have been on many communication courses over the years, including post-graduate study at university with world-class lecturers. Communication Breakthrough takes a completely different approach to anything else I have ever done and it has given me useful, powerful insights into my own communication style and how to recognise and adapt to others. What I have learned will make me realise my goal of being persuasive and authentic – Stephanie Dunn, Senior Business Analyst, PM Partners

What communication skills will you learn?

  • How to create rapport and master the essence of effective communication
  • Develop mutual trust and understanding thereby strengthening teams, improving productivity and fostering ingenuity
  • Listen to understand and help move the business in the direction of the desired culture
  • Discover additional perspectives to create new and different outcomes in every situation
  • Find new ways and innovative solutions to collaborate with like-minded people
  • Being proactive and seeking out understanding, choosing to remain positive

What communication skills are developed?

  • Creating instant rapport with people
  • Effective listening skills and listening to understand
  • Introduction to Applied Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  • Understanding Visual, Auditory and Kinaesthetic communication styles
  • Living at “Cause” vs. “Effect”
  • Effective and precise communication skills for working in teams
  • Understanding blocks to communication
  • Identifying communication styles
  • Reframing your thinking for a new approach and increased resourcefulness
  • Producing win/win outcomes in negotiations
  • Inspiring people and teams to take action

Your risk free guarantee:

risk-free1If by the end of the program you are not convinced that what you have learned will significantly improve your results, help you make more money, and experience more joy, love and success in your life, we will refund your investment in full.
All we ask is that you:

  • Participate fully in the entire program
  • Notify the instructor before leaving on last day if you wish to get a refund
  • Return the workbook with all handouts and your notes

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daisyI have attended lots of self-development seminars for almost 15 years….you name them…..I have attended them.    Rapport Leadership programs are outstanding.  Starting from preparation up to finish – excellent!

Communication Breakthrough is definitely a life changing seminar.  The training process is very effective and enlightening with full-on participation of attendees!  I loved every moment of it. – Daisy Cumming

No matter whether you are after ideas to increase sales results, wanting to motivate your team better, or simply would like to know how you can get your message across more effectively both in business and your personal life, Power Communication Breakthrough is a MUST in your personal development calendar.

The next class is scheduled for:

Dates: April 12-14, 2019
Time: Friday 6:30pm until Sunday 5:00pm
Location:  Parramatta, NSW (Waldorf Apartment Hotel)
Investment: $1,495 incl. GST.  (Ask about special group and multiple bookings rates.)

Enquire Now.  Seats are limited.

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Regular breaks are offered throughout each day. As the course finishes late each evening, you may wish to arrange to stay in the local area. The final day of your training will be celebrated with a graduation ceremony which family and friends are welcome to attend.

What course attendees have to say…

Wow! This course has been amazing. So much I can take back to my preschool and family. I’m very excited about the positive changes that will occur over the next few weeks. This is my second course with Rapport. I’ll be signing up for my next one shortly. – Sue McIntyre, Director, Greenmeadows Preschool

The best course content and trainers I could ever have imagined!  Power Communication has been an incredible experience – and sharing this opportunity with my husband has really taken our relationship and communication skills to the next level.  I dare to dream big, change my thinking, create change in my life and make myself heard.  I dare to make a difference!  Thank you. – Michelle Biggs, Teacher

Relevant and impactful/fun exercises that anchored the learning content. Very unique content that stimulated my thinking, shifted perspective and catalyzed a re-think of purpose. – Bruce Leavitt, Business Development, Hire-a-Hubby

Thank you so much Lori, Jeremy and Lissa. I leave here with new insights into myself and the world. Amazing group of people. Thank you. – Camilla Andersen, Business Administrator

I have attended a number of courses at other companies/training schools but Rapport’s Power Communication experience is the best. On a scale of 1-10, it’s a 10. It’s a course not to be missed to experience the professionalism and expertise on the subject matter which will benefit any person. The training process is powerful and the way they handled it in our groups is brilliant. – Triza Monte, Office Administrator

Another life-changing, mentally and spiritually challenging course from Rapport. In 2.5 days I have learnt so much about myself and gained valuable tools and knowledge to help me with life. Thanks guys! – Rob Dunn, IT Professional

Rapport training courses achieve incredible results. The programs pull no punches in order to push people beyond their self-imposed barriers whilst keeping everyone safe in an incredibly supportive environment. – Ian Ward, Director, Cyberpro

I found the Power Communication course useful in guiding me to achieve more and to communicate successfully with the people in my life and what the impact has with bad communication. A very powerful tool. – Carolyn Ward

I arrived with no knowledge or expectations about what I was going to learn.  I feel like I have grown more in 3 days than the past 5 years.  The process we have been through was amazing and I had to let go of my fears and limitations in order to participate.  I was very grateful that I did it with my partner. – Mie Olsen, Supply Planner, Ecco Shoes

Power Communication has given me the information and practical experience I need to improve the way I connect with others. I particularly loved learning about the communication differences between people and why understanding these is so important. The course delivered more than I could have possibly hoped for, and I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to discover the secrets to building rapport and communicating with impact. – Vinette Landry

Excellent course – Got me to look at things I thought I knew differently.  The course got me to take my mind back and get clarity on things that I had not cleared up. – Armando Camacho, Director, SignRise

Power Communication is an intense and outstanding experience.  This is essential learning for anyone who wants to improve how they connect with others across all aspects of life. – Darin Landry, Business Development, Narellan Pools

No matter how well you think you communicate, there is always an opportunity to improve it or learn a new approach.  Power Communication gives participants the tools and resources needed to be powerful communicators.  The best part is the opportunity to practice our skills and come away with an action list.  Thank you Lori, Jeremy and Rod for a powerful weekend. – Annabel Wood, Director, Simply First Aid

Rapport brings a fresh approach to understanding, interpreting and taking action when it comes to effective communication.  I found that Power Communication has opened a new door for me to apply powerful skills in both my personal and business lives. – Jeremy Biggs, Director, Karroo

There were a lot of breakthroughs that occurred during the workshop.  The group itself was a joy to work with.  The course content and modules were helpful in helping the group to connect whilst providing us an environment to experience the content in a practical fashion.  Help was always on hand if needed. – Anjie Lal, Manager, New South Lawyers

A lot of insight on how I communicate with my peers and family, also understanding how other people communicate.  It has benefited me a lot on how I will connect with people day to day.  It was a course that motivated me to move forward more and to love more.  To be joyful. – Ruth Pasi, Founder, African Theatres

I have learnt a lot about my team over the last few days, however more importantly I learnt so much more about myself and I have put commitments in place to myself that I will do and complete to make me a better person and communicator. – Rabah Maraby, Director, Dot Design

Great insight into understanding how to communicate with people, specifically those who have been hard to connect with.  Also lots of insight as to how I can create and negotiate a win-win situation in both my personal and professional life. – Arash Dadras, Director, SGSys

Power Communicaion is a course that truly makes you focus on the components of real communication.  It delivers its message in practical and lasting ways.  It really is a course not to be missed. – Schon G Condon, Director, Condon Associates

This course opened a whole new world to me.  I now know that by listening and observing others, committing to taking action and being open, honest and present, is the best way to achieve anything. – Linda Gunek, Publishers, Sydney Hills Living

A practical, useable and repeatable learning experience.  Great to do with your partner. – Tim Leggett, Infrastructure Program Manager, NSW Dept of Finance

Great training that brings the business communication up to the level of communication among human beings with their own personalities and background.  Great tool to use in real life! – Gianfranco Giaconi, General Manager, Calderys

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