Leadership Breakthrough One is a profoundly life changing experience that has taken my self-confidence to an entirely new level.
Dave Philips, Director, The C-Suite Advantage

In the beginning I was scared, by the time I finished I felt like I could do anything. I have gone from a small person to 10 foot tall and bullet proof. (Thanks)
Ben Davies, Operations Manager, Exact Security

Leadership Breakthrough One took me further than I thought possible. The leadership skills I have learnt will be invaluable both professionally and personally. I would recommend this course for anyone.
Tina Shur, Financial Controller, Ricky Richards

Not knowing what to expect was the best way to start. Safe, confronting and brilliant course that has truly hit the target for me. I would suggest the course to many connections of mine – especially if they think they are already a success.
Paris Kerr, Managing Director, Dot Design Group

If you have never taken a chance and done something for yourself, you must do this course. It will challenge you, you will grow and walk out a better person with a higher self-awareness. Above all, you meet amazing people and have fun.
Yolanda Mallouhi, HR Manager, Edwards Scientific

Leadership Breakthrough One takes you to the core of your soul and being. The focus on identifying what was holding me back and smashing through my blocks to leadership was very empowering. The safe team environment allowed me to better appreciate what I have now and what I want in the future.
Chris Morrison, Business Coach, ActionCOACH

This is a truly revolutionary training seminar that broadens horizons and empowers you to achieve what you set your mind on. The things I learnt are truly applicable in everyday life.
Vuyani Ncube, Real Estate Agent, Ray White

Leadership Breakthrough One is incomparable to any other training I have had.   It enables each person to reach deep within to connect with and understand their core values, beliefs, potentials and even personal life. Using such deep dive, Rapport Leadership helped us were able to master leadership concepts that others can only lecture about.
Arash Dadras, Director, Smart Global Systems

I was not committed to doing this – “I was too busy”. I wish I had done it earlier. I now know I have so much more to give, and it starts now. This has been a life changing 24 hours in a classroom – much more impactful than the million hours I did at school!!
Steve Smallcalder, Director, Beresfords Financial Planning

Leadership Breakthrough One helped me to recognise my weaknesses and how to overcome them. It has helped me to have more confidence and participate in groups.
Tim Browne, Detective, NSW Police

Leadership Breakthrough helped me identify and master the skills I needed to become a better leader. I have noticed a real change in my outlook as a direct result of attending this course.
Damien Kennedy, Operations Manager, Mac Telemetry

This course really delivered an experience out of comfort zone and helped me stretch my boundaries. I have changed my focus for the better.
Leonard Velich, Team Leader, Dot Design Group

Leadership Breakthrough One took me out of my comfort zone and showed me the power of a strong team.
David Ore, Technical Specialist, National Instruments


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