Life changing! I can’t wait to share my transformation with the team. I have learnt a number of techniques which make me a better person and a better leader. I have grown so much over the past few days, broken down barriers and exponentially grown my confidence. We formed an awesome team who supported and empowered each other through each challenge. We will stay in touch and keep each other moving forward.

Breanna Walters, Accounting Controller, Interoil

Leadership Breakthrough One has taken me to a place I didn’t know existed. The knowledge I have gained about myself, leading teams and being part of a team is outstanding. It isn’t easy. You are confronted with your greatest fears, but the success and pride you feel for breaking down those barriers is what will make me recommend this course to my colleagues and friends for many years to come.

Kathryn Polgar, Operations Manager, Ricky Richards

This is one of the most challenging and intense programs I have done, but equally one of the most worthwhile. The trainers are super committed. The class members created a great and supportive environment. The learnings are all very personal and therefore very relevant to every participant. If you want to go to the next step, make this your first step.

Chris Dunwell, Owner, Dunwell HR Consulting

Confronting, challenging and satisfying. Leadership Breakthrough One allowed me to break through things that have been blocking me from achieving my full potential while putting together a plan for success.

Jeremy Taylor, Oceania Sales Manager, National Instruments

Rapport Leadership training totally pushes you out of your shell. Just when you feel you have pushed all you can, you get pushed even further to the point you thought didn’t exist.

Jonathan Sunga, Assistant Sales Manager, Phil Carroll Toyota

I am overwhelmed and amazed at how Leadership Breakthrough One has changed my life and I am excited to venture out back into the workplace and home and apply my new found confidence and self worth that I have found within me and all to the thanks of Rapport Leadership.

Amanda South, Business Performance Manager, Exact Security

Well structured process from start to finish to take you from where you are to someone who will achieve amazing results. Huge improvement I have made in myself as well as the entire team. Intense learning and anyone committed to invest in themselves will gain greatly. I have already recommended and nominated 3 other key staff to attend this course.

Rabah Maraby, Owner, Dot Design Group

Leadership Breakthrough One was great. Very challenging and glad to come out the other end. It was amazing to see we could be pushed and pushed further out of our comfort zones and we succeeded.

Albina Porracin, Director, Beaumont Hills Long Day Care Centre

Leadership Breakthrough One was a fulfilling and exhausting experience and has given me an intense feeling of satisfaction, relief and pride.

Thomas Franklin, Production Supervisor, Calderys

Rapport Leadership Breakthrough One is a very intensive course. I learnt a lot about myself and have made a commitment to no longer holding back in my life. It is surely the best course out there of its type.

Luke Doran, 2IC, Dulux Trade

Rapport Leadership training has made me a believer that I can do whatever I set my mind to if I am just willing to step out of my comfort zone and really let go of my fears.

Raymond Magodo, Corrections Officer

Leadership Breakthrough One provided a fantastic jolt to my enthusiasm levels. It was also a freeing experience, allowing me to break through the one big thing that was holding me back as a leader. It also provided an amazing insight into the power of a united team and what they can push each other to achieve.

Claud Chaaya, Senior Analyst, EG Funds Management

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