Leadership Breakthrough One is the first leadership course I have attended. If I had of been told that I would leave the course having broken through fears and roadblocks that have been with me all my adult life I would have laughed! Thank you for giving me such a wonderful gift.  I kept refusing it because I was scared but you kept at me – thank goodness!!  The course is so much more than a leadership course and I keep running across people who should do it and I keep telling them about this amazing experience.  I have never felt so empowered and confident about moving life and work forward. I know there will be bumps in the road but that is fine – they are what they are.  Thank-you again
Dianne Gates, Director, Gunpos

Before coming here I knew I had a fear inside me but for years I never knew what it was. Within 28 hours of showing up, I had not only found what my fear was, but I had conquered it. The Best Feeling!
Andrew Pearson, Director, Holbel

Leadership Breakthrough One was a fantastic experience. I have been involved in teams my entire life. I have never ever, ever, experienced team in the way I have over the last three days. It has been absolutely extraordinary. I have seen facilitators all over the world and the Rapport facilitators are amongst the best I have ever seen.For any manager or person who might call themselves a leader, this is a solid program that challenges your identity and pushes your best to be better. Well done.
Sam Cawthorn, CEO, Institute for Public Speakers

Over my career I’ve been involved in many, many courses. Rarely have I walked away from a course with such a feeling of completion bodily inside me. I’ve had a passionately wonderful time. I met a bunch of passionately wonderfully people and I would do the whole lot again given the opportunity.
Schon Condon, Principal, Condon and Associates

Leadership Breakthrough One is a truly life changing experience. Every emotion is affected and laid open for all to see. It’s tough, but then it all comes back together and it feels like I have had a transformation. I found my inner strength that I knew was there, and it has been released to take back to my personal and professional life.
Nicola Fussell, Area Manager, Little Learning School

Having just completed my MBA, I have read a lot about how to be a good leader. Leadership Breakthrough One has given me the ability and confidence to be that leader.
Tim Leggett, Project Manager, Workcover

Before attending Leadership Breakthrough One I had set goals for what I wanted to achieve. I actually achieved things I had never even thought were a need. Amazing training and an intense thought provoking experience.
Sharna Morris, Director, Cool Bananas Childcare and Preschool

Leadership Breakthrough One is an inspiring course. It really helped me to gain a new perspective for my life and strengthen my resolve in achieving my vision and aspirations. A huge thanks to the Rapport team.
Alistair Coulstock, Principal, Cundall

Leadership Breakthrough One is a course that I would highly recommend to anyone who needs to get themselves to a new level. My experience was very positive and the outcomes will ensure a better life position.
Jeremy Biggs, CEO, Mac Telemetry

Leadership Breakthrough One stretched me to a much higher potential, provided deep thoughtful insights to myself and others and opened up my vision to see more clearly and definitely how to become a better person and leader.
Peter Kristensen, Director, Catamount Consulting

I gained enormous connection to myself and my desires. Found my enthusiasm and joy and love to give and be ready and available to receive. To be honest the course rocks!
Matt Bradley, CEO, Coengineer

Leadership Breakthrough One helped me see things unseen in my life that were anchors to my success. It was an amazing feeling to let the anchors go and I have a renewed anticipation of all that is now possible in my life.
Stephanie Jurinovic, Trade Mark Advisor, Halfords IP

Leadership Breakthrough One was a great experience. I learned so much about myself and my potential as a leader. I want to take more Rapport Leadership courses in the future.
Ruth Magodo, Director, African Theatres

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