If you want to be successful as a leader, it’s worth learning from the best. This week I interviewed Marianne Edelmann, Director of Healthy Choices NZ on the link between leadership skills and success in life and in business. Marianne has a track record of building amazing teams, from her time at ActionCOACH New Zealand, helping it to be the most successful master franchise in the world to working with sales teams to ignite passion, desire and amazing sales results.

Some key points from the interview:
Q: What are the key leadership traits of successful leaders?

A: Traits that I personally find very important, looking for the best in people. Every organization, big or small relies on the people. The people make the organization and the only way that an organization can thrive is if those people are optimal in their performance. So, looking for the best in people and bringing out the best in people.

Q: Tell me about how great people make for a successful organisation?

Some of the qualities we looked for are open mindedness, willingness to go the extra mile and eagerness to learn and a happy spirit. People who when they walk in the room, they light up the room . The need to be able to touch and engage with other people and we all touch. I mean everybody, in every organisation touches the people around them and the more positively they can influence those that they get in touch with, whether its customers or colleagues or people from other organizations, the more the organisation will shine.

Q: What should be the first priority for someone placed in a leadership role?

itunesA: Talking with the people who are already there and really intensely so, asking them everything about what they do, why they are there, so you can sense what is going well for them and what isn’t going well for them. To me, that is much more important because it tells you much more than just looking in the books and figures, figures tell you the story, the people will tell why the story is the way it is.

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