Having coached and consulted to hundreds of businesses over the last ten years, I have noticed  a common challenge faced by many business owners is knowing how to build an amazing team, to overcome apathy, resistance and negative attitudes from staff and to create an environment and a culture which attracts great people to the team.

This week I invited two Childcare Centre owners and education professionals, Sue McIntyre and Albina Porracin, to share their knowledge, thoughts and real world experience in this area. Sue is the owner of Greenmeadows Preschool, has a Masters Degree in Special Education and 20 years experience in Childcare including turning around several underperforming Childcare Centres.  Albina is the owner of Beaumont Hills Long Day Pre-school and The Parkway Childcare Centre.  She has over 22 years experience in education and childcare including a Bachelor of Teaching (Early Childhood Education) and is currently completing a Masters of Teaching (Early Years).

In this podcast, we discuss the link between leadership, team building and culture and the role that leaders play in creating the culture within the workplace.  We look at what you can do if your staff are not aligned with the business culture and how to get their buy-in and support to ensure your team culture remains strong.  We also discuss strategies to manage staff performance issues like bringing personal issues into the workplace or failing to manage their emotions and maintain a professional attitude.

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