With a successful corporate career in business management consulting, investment banking and more recently, in actively building a direct selling business through network marketing, I appreciate the importance of leadership training and personal development.

Almost all of the courses I have attended in the corporate world and personally that promised “leadership training” were in reality more “management” or “motivational” based training seminars presented by people who know the theory. As a result, I was very wary when a friend recommended I attend Leadership Breakthrough One as I did not want to waste any more time and resources being taken down the wrong path. I was however, stuck in a rut, and looking for a personal breakthrough to take myself and my business to the next level so I decided to trust my friend’s recommendation and attend the Rapport Leadership Breakthrough One program.

Leadership Breakthrough One is the best two and a half days of training I have ever completed and truly is leadership based!! The trainers “walked the walk” and were both inspirational and educational. The program applied the pressure I needed to be stretched way out of my comfort zone and as a result, realise how much more I can push myself when I need to. It has absolutely helped me break through my own personal barriers and understand what it takes to achieve greater success.

Since completing the course, I have much greater clarity of who I am as a leader and who I need to be and what I need to do in order to achieve the big goals I have set for myself. The people around me have commented on my renewed energy and passion and I am excited by the potential that has been unlocked within me and the opportunities in front of me. Most importantly, I am seeing improved results in my business, my confidence levels are higher than ever before. I would strongly recommend Leadership Breakthrough One to anyone who wants to push themselves to a whole new level and understand what leadership is all about.

David Stone, Director, Novarum

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