The Rapport Leadership team were so dedicated to ensuring each and every member of our team were heard and did what it took to get everyone to achieve their very best. Their structure and professionalism was outstanding. I have learned what I am truly capable of and have learned how to break through those walls when they hit me in the face. I am now so excited to live my life and be the best person I can be.
Lauren Knight, Membership and Systems Manager, American Chamber of Commerce

Leadership Breakthrough One has reignited the fire in my soul again. I came to the course working long hours thinking that I was giving 100% – how wrong I was. I have come away with clear beliefs, an exciting vision of the future, a new team of friends and a passion for life I had lost somewhere along the way (I just did not know it). I clearly understand what giving 100% of myself means now and that’s the most inspirational feeling. If you are thinking about attending, just do it guys, you will thank yourself for it and so will everyone around you. Thank you so much Rapport.
Dan Procter, Director, Simply Web Design

Leadership Breakthrough One is a fantastic program which challenged me from the moment we started, right through to when we finished. The way the program is designed to push me out of my comfort zones and smash through limitations is amazing. I have made a new group of lifelong friends because of all the experiences, challenges and growth we did together.
Andres Garzon, Business and Executive Coach, National Diversified Funding Corporation

On day one I stood alongside 11 individuals. Today I stand with my team. Rapport has captured the true essence of what empowering others is and they are doing amazing things. I know that I will continue to receive new benefits every time I breakthrough another of my walls with the new skills I have learned.
Sharyn Lewis, Operations Manager, Catholic Out of Hours School Care

Rapport, amazing what an organisation! Professional, transparent, honest. My experience on the course was life changing and amazing. I cannot describe the impact it has had on my views of both my personal and professional life. Loved it. Thank you.
Nabil Hafza, Director, Future Form Constructions

Leadership Breakthrough One is unconventional. You go in expecting something usual but find out very quickly this is different in every way from what you imagined and walk out a changed person ready to lead.
Chidi Okechukwu, Founder and Director, RewardCo

Leadership Breakthrough One pushed me beyond and beyond and just when I reached my limit there was more inside. The trainers were awesome. The lessons learned are invaluable. I now recognise my leadership strengths and I have clarity on areas for improvement. Thank you.
David Stone, Business Process & Strategy Consultant, Novarum

Leadership Breakthrough One is an outstanding course. I got pushed like never before. I found things in my past that I have to work through that will make me a better leader. The friendships that I’ve made are going to last a lifetime.
David Bunston, Store Manager, Gloria Jeans

The transformation and realisation that I and everyone else in class 2610 achieved was truly amazing. I was taken way outside of my comfort zone and the end result and journey is priceless. I’d highly recommend Rapport Leadership training to anyone that wants to grow as a leader, and as a human being.
Mark Phillips, Marketing Manager (Oceania and South Africa), National Instruments

Leadership Breakthrough One not only made me accept my issues but address them and move on, giving me the tools and beliefs to really be me. This course, believe it or not has saved me for the rest of my life because without it, my dash would be short. I am relishing my next day at work and to address my team with our future. I cannot wait to see my wife and kids who are my life. Thank you.
Shaun Bradwell, Director, Bradwell Electrics

I received numerous benefits by attending Leadership Breakthrough One; active listening, effective public speaking, team bonding, rapport building and how to apply these skills in both my professional and personal life.
Elisabeth McLaughlin, Project Administrator, Ward Civil and Environmental Engineering

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