I have been lucky enough to attend a multitude of powerful trainings in my life, all across the globe, and with many superb presenters and trainers. Leadership Breakthrough One has been the most impactful to me both personally and in business context. I would highly recommend this training to anyone intent on making a difference in this world or in their business or career. Fabulous, superb outstanding… A massive, massive thank you for encouraging me to attend.
Marianne Edelmann, Business Coach

Precisely organised, passionately led, I got exactly what I needed. Having attended many personal development courses I have to say Leadership Breakthrough One was a very powerful experience and has helped me to move through some now ex-challenges I was having and gain even greater clarity and certainty on my message. With certainty comes action!
Adrian Heath, Leadership Coach, Speaker and Trainer

Leadership Breakthrough One has allowed me to feel again, and take action with adequate emotional input. This will take me to a whole new level as a leader.
Michael Elligett, Purchasing and Production Manager, Cookieman

Rapport Leadership has put together an amazingly fast-paced and highly challenging structure of learning that stretched me – and I believe would stretch almost anyone – yet made it do-able for anyone with determination and conviction.
Robert Dunn, IT Professional

I really enjoyed Leadership Breakthrough One, and I believe I achieved the goal I set for myself which is to gain self-confidence and to unleash my self control. The trainers are very experienced and I would like to recommend to my friends / colleagues to attend.
Sophie Zhao, Purchasing Manager, Calderys

Leadership Breakthrough One is a phenomenal experience that translates the theory of leadership into tangible and applicable actions that has positively changed my world! Thank you for an amazing program.
Mark Bain, Marketing Manager

Leadership Breakthrough One provided me with a safe space to really go beyond my comfort zone, to break down beliefs and feelings which have been hindering me for years. In just 3 days of intense engagement and personal growth, I found that all I needed to achieve my goals was within me the whole time. I just needed help to plug into it. This course truly frees you to be the amazing, brilliant person you are in every aspect of your life.
Alice Dempsey, Nutrition Business Owner

I expected Leadership Breakthrough One to be quite corporate but it wasn’t. I really liked the way the course touched my heart, and has helped me connect back to the real me. It’s helped me be real with myself, open my heart again, to live and be free and be at peace.
Chris Lyristis, Company Director

My life-changing awakening is that “I love me”. This came at the end of the course reflected through another. I have always held myself in high esteem from a perspective of my qualities of character and ego, but not from LOVE.
Ferruccio Baiocchi, Childcare Centre Director

My Leadership Breakthrough One experience has been challenging but greatly satisfying to see the dramatic growth in myself. I have had deep seated conservatism and really not stepped up to my potential for decades. I have carried with me since early years a seriousness and the inability to be joyous and celebratory when it mattered. Moving on too quickly to ‘NEXT, what can I produce now’. This has all changed. I have seen a light at the end of the tunnel, and it’s not a train. I am grateful to Mr Jeremy Carter and Mr Combs and Rapport Leadership for a life changing and magnificent course. Life will not be the same.
Len Collen, Director, Australian Property Options

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