Congratulations to our latest Leadership Breakthrough One graduates who rated the course an amazing 9.6/10 and shared their feedback with us.

Average Course Rating 9.6/10

I have undertaken lots of management and leadership courses in my career and to be honest, most of them were a waste of time; lots of theory and bookwork and little of value that I could actually apply back in the workplace.  Leadership Breakthrough One was unlike any training I have done before, it was challenging and confronting and it pushed me way outside my comfort zone to discover what I am really capable of. It was fun and interactive and I made some amazing new friends during the course. While I had concerns prior to attending whether the course would be relevant to me, it made me realise that my goals were small and that I can achieve so much more than I previously thought possible.  After two and a half days my world and my horizons have expanded beyond my belief and I have a renewed sense of purpose.  I would recommend Leadership Breakthrough One to anyone who wants to build a better future for themselves and the people around them.

Ian Rogers, Store Manager, Mitre 10

Leadership Breakthrough One has been an amazing experience for me. I’ve gained insights into the problems within my business and the skills and knowledge to do something about it. It was nothing like I’ve ever done before and I’m really glad I took the opportunity to do it. Since completing the course I have reclaimed time for my personal life.  I spend much less time at work and more time with family.  I have started leading my team – allowing them to do the job I employed them for, without me present.  I also give feedback in a way now that supports my staff and sets standards high in the workplace.  I am still working on many things – but that’s the best part about Breakthrough One – the learning continues way past the course dates.
Sue McIntyre, Owner, Greenmeadows Preschool

I arrived full of self doubt and am leaving full of enthusiasm, passion and self-belief. Leadership Breakthrough One is very different to any other training I have done. It’s VERY POWERFUL – the unorthodox approach really worked to get us all as a team, and as individuals to trust ourselves, get vulnerable and in that to find our strengths. Thoroughly recommend to anyone looking to take their leadership to the next level!
Fiona Bain, Leadership Coach

I have realised that being the best and being a leader are two very different things. Leadership Breakthrough One has given me such a different perspective on work life and my personal life. I am eager to face the challenges ahead.

Russell Freeman, IT Professional, Cyberpro

Leadership Breakthrough One has helped me come to know and believe that I am a leader. I have what it takes to be my authentic self and a leader and they are the same thing. I walk out of this course with much deeper respect for myself and those around me, motivated not only to be the best I can be, but to help others come with me to be the best they can be. And I have learned and practiced real skills to do just that.

Stephanie Dunn, Business Analyst, Cornerstone Performance

I have been to many courses and personal development workshops. Leadership Breakthrough One was so perfect and such a perfect time for where I am in my life and how I am feeling. I would love to support Rapport Leadership courses in Australia and help uplift many others in the same way the course has done for me. What an amazing group of people to spend 2.5 days with. Thank you to all involved.

Howard Amoils, Sales Manager, IMI

Leadership Breakthrough One is intense from start to finish. This course get results and if it is breakthroughs you’re looking for in business, personally or both, then I highly recommend doing this course.

David Coote, Sales and Marketing Manager, Rackcorp

Leadership Breakthrough One helped all of our group grow and develop their leadership skills for both business and personal life. Our trainer was very switched on, had a good read of the group and managed the group well.

Simon Guzowski, Senior Portfolio Manager, Investment Partners

I was asked to attend Leadership Breakthrough One by my Managing Director. I thought that there would be benefits in attending a leadership course. My expectations have been exceeded. I have done things that I did not think I could do and things I did not think I would do. I feel empowered, motivated and excited about the possibilities ahead and how I can take charge of these.

Trudi Beresford, Director, Beresfords Financial Planning

Having attended Leadership Breakthrough One I can say that there were times during the course that I felt that it was not for me. I had to remind myself as told to “trust the process”. Now that the course is complete I can see that it is suited to just about anybody from all walks of life. I have gained so many benefits including personal awareness, how a team really helps each other and confidence in bucket loads. Highly recommended.
Nick Pollard, Director, EEDR

Throughout my career I have been to many seminars and training courses, however Leadership Breakthrough One really stood out for me, it was very different.  You could see the results almost immediately; it was very professional and I loved it! It has changed me forever and I have taken a stand in my life. If you are ready to find out just how amazing you can be, this is the course for you.
Norma Needham, Founder, Kids of Oz

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