Congratulations to our latest graduates of Leadership Breakthrough One Team 2607 who rated the course on average a 9.8/10 and were happy to share their feedback with us.

Average Course Rating 9.8/10

“Full on” is the best way I can describe it and I’ve done personal development courses before.  This took me to a whole new level and pushed my comfort zone in a way that no other course has.  I encourage everyone with any interest in success or personal growth to step up and sign up.  You will be blown away.

Lyndi Leggett, Freelance Trainer

There is no way to adequately describe how amazing this weekend has been.  A fantastic program with the best trainer I have ever had the privilege of knowing, it has been an absolute life-changer.  I cannot wait to get out there and change the world!

Kathie Fisher, IT Professional, Woolworths

Amazing experience!  I will totally recommend it to everyone.  If you are a leader or not, you will benefit from taking this course.  Everyone else around you will benefit too.

Dima Postnikov, Technical Manager, ASX

The course took me out of my comfort zone and showed me how much further I can push myself to be a great leader.  A huge challenge to break through some barriers but a big accomplishment and achievement when I did.
Melissa Luscombe, Manager, Rosegarden Childcare

I never knew there was anything as powerful as Rapport Leadership for which I could apply at work and at home. I now feel a lot more confident when meeting new people and discovered as a leader how to let go and empower my team members to achieve even more. Leadership Breakthrough One gave me a fresh perspective on my role and allowed me to “step outside the circle” to gain clarity on what I need to do to be  even more successful in my career.

David Payne, Sales Manager, Calderys Australia

An amazing program. My experience was filled with anxiety and nervousness before and during the course, but that’s the point. Breaking through barriers with your team is special and powerful. It is not comfortable, easy and nice. But it is awesome!

Michael Walker, Operations Manager, Mrs Fields

I loved the Rapport Leadership Breakthrough One course because it gave me an opportunity to see what I’m capable of inside a safe environment which meant I am now confident to go to the next level and I know what I can achieve.  The friends you make from this course are life changing.  Everything happens for a reason, and this was a true gift.

Lana Ratapu, NLP Performance Coach, Redwood

It was the hardest thing to truly look into myself and find out what has been holding me back.

Luke McCormac, Digital Sales, Kayell

This experience completely threw me off balance and then gave me the tools to create a new, stronger foundation. The skills developed during this incredible course will be immediately useful at home and work. I especially cannot wait to use these to support my loved ones – and enjoy all the benefits that come from a more powerful, and effective me.

Vinette Landry, Executive Assistant

Having signed up to Leadership Breakthrough One with trepidation, I found a voice and overcame my fear of public speaking, something that was keeping me back in my business. I learned so much about leadership of myself and others.  A very intense experience but one I would recommend without doubt.

Caroline Ferguson, Distributor, Send Out Cards

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How does Rapport Leadership empower leaders?

For more than 30 years, Rapport Leadership has reinvented the way leadership is taught and empowered new leaders with the confidence, self-esteem, and focus necessary to improve their results and build high performance teams. Rapport’s intensive and on-site leadership training courses are experiential leadership classes designed to allow people to experience strong leadership, develop their inner leader and understand and practice their own unique leadership style giving them the resources, experience and confidence to go to the next level.

At Rapport we know that when we improve the person, the performance improves.  When we improve the performance, the family improves, the business improves and the community improves.

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