Leadership Breakthrough One was an amazing course which I enjoyed and benefited from immensely. It helped me to realise that I had been stuck in my comfort zone for too long and that getting outside my comfort zone is the key to achieving more in my personal life and my business. I learned what it means to be a part of a high performance team and discovered and broke through some of my leadership blocks, including a fear of taking risks and public speaking. I’m now confidently speaking with people who I have never met before, and have a renewed enthusiasm to get out and grow my business.

As a business owner, the course has helped me to start delegating and communicating with my team more effectively, and also to manage my business and personal life better. Leadership Breakthrough One has also refocused me on my most important leadership role in leading and supporting my family to achieve their highest potential. I would recommend this course to anyone wanting to stretch themselves and discover what they are truly capable of.

John Saba, Director, Safe Site Security

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