For the past 17 years, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department has been the honoured recipient of leadership training and development courses provided by Rapport Leadership International for over 100 employees. From entry level employees to the Sheriff, Rapport Leadership International has impacted the culture and success of our department in immeasurable ways.

Through their pursuit of Passion, exhortation of Enthusiasm, feats of Focus, creation of Confidence, and immersion of Integrity, the members of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department have partnered with the Rapport Leadership International team to become a powerful source of inspiration and vision for others.

Each participant in Rapport Leadership International training has returned to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Department to make a difference in their workplace, in their community, and in their personal life. What began as a small ripple in the culture of our agency is becoming a wave of empowerment that is washing over our community as we strive towards our vision to be the safest community in America.

With the utmost gratitude for our valuable community partner.

Douglas C Gillespie





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