One of the often overlooked areas of training in childcare centres which can deliver some of the most significant improvements is leadership training

Leadership training helps teams work more effectiveChildcare Trainingly, creates greater staff engagement and allows you to deliver a better service to the children you care for and their families, improving the overall performance of the centre. It also is critical to creating and maintaining a positive culture and environment for all concerned.

Use the links below for fast-track access to our training information and options.  Alternatively, contact us to discuss your needs in greater detail.

  • INTENSIVE LEADERSHIP TRAINING – Leadership Breakthrough One
    A powerful, effective and lasting experience for those serious about taking their leadership skills to the next level.
    A weekend course to take your communication skills to the next level.
  • COURSES AT YOUR CENTRE – Communication, Productivity and Team Building Courses.
    Choose from a range of topics.  These can be designed and adapted to suit your specific areas for improvement or to fit in with other training events (such as team meetings).   Ask us and we’ll work with you to design a training program.
  • CHILDCARE CONSULTING AND TRAINING SERVICES – Consult or run specific training modules on Childcare Centre Documentation, Legislation and the NQF for private sector organisations. For a list of training and consulting topics call us on 1800 330 027 and ask for our detailed brochure.
  • COMPLIMENTARY TRAINING REVIEW – Get training that really boosts performance this year.  Contact us for a 20-minute chat and training review, and turn training expense into training investment!

“Rapport Leadership has captured the true essence of what empowering others is, and they are doing amazing things.”
Sharyn Lewis, Operations Manager for Catholic Out of Hours School Care

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