This is my third course with Rapport Leadership and again I have been blown away by the impact on my life.  I believe I have more vision, excitement and passion for the next five years.  I found that by breaking it down and staring with the end in sight, I have been able to find increased clarity and direction.  Highly recommend this fantastic course!
Debra Manson, Debra Manson Recruitment

After a few set backs feeling more positive about the future. Keen to get out there and make the plans we made come to life.  Good to see how writing our goals, getting a plan to make them happen, then work will lead to the lifestyle we want to live.
Neil Manson

This weekend gave Jenny and I an opportunity to connect in a way that we have not done for some time.  We reviewed what we wanted from life individually and, then came together to put a plan together to make it happen.  I’m feeling very positive about our life together and how we can help our kids and their families have better futures as well.
Bruce Manefield, Business & Leadership Coach, Rapport Leadership

Fantastic program!  A necessary program to chart your life goals and actually achieve them.  Thank you.
Jenny Manefield, Accountant

Life Mastery has been an amazing course to give my wife and I a very clear direction in our life together.  We have spent the best time ever planning and putting down to action plan significant things for our life.
Mark Kaushal, Owner, Narellan Pools

Full of knowledge how you can achieve your dreams.  Limitless thinking, clear vision, fearless mind, motivational.
Anna Kaushal, Narellan Pools

An excellent and practical course that can even show reasoned expert a better way to plan your life and in particular its finances.
Schon Condon, Managing Director, Condon Associates

I’m very excited about the next five years of my life.  I’ve gone from not having much of an idea to having a plan for where I want to be.  Thank you so much Rapport for quality, challenging and fun training that makes a difference.  Can’t wait to do more.
Sue McIntyre, Director, Greenmeadows Preschool

Reverse engineering the practical steps to fulfill my dreams makes everything seem possible to achieve.  Very excited to implement everything right away and have what I want to have in just 5 years from now.
Peter Kristensen, Business & Leadership Coach, Rapport Leadership

Life Mastery leaves you with clarity and removes blocks you might have with the tools and knowledge provided I am able to take charge of my life and reach my goals.  Lori makes sure you reach your goal and take the next step towards reaching your dreams.
Mie Olsen, Retail Manager, Ecco Shoes

Incredibly relevant, hands-on practical course that takes you step by step through the process of building your ultimate life – highly recommended to everyone at any stage of life.
Andrea Kuburic, Teacher

This was a very high quality, engaging and valuable course.  My fiancé and I feel a lot more clear about our future together.  It gave us the freedom to think as big as our visions and put in place a plan to achieve them.  It has given us a feeling of excitement, freedom and fulfillment.
Alex Hezari, Director, Taylor Nicholas Hills

I am grateful for this amazing opportunity to help guide me on the right path on how to successfully achieve our dreams and goals.  It’s a great way to open your mind and dream big.  This has my wife and I looking in the right direction has made us super energized to achieve turn our dreams into a reality.
Ned Narouz, Founder Rap4Change

I was confronted and challenged at my own blocks.  Once I addressed and processed my past issues my mind was opened to amazing goals, dreams and opportunities with NO LIMITS.  It brought my husband and I so much loser as we began to actually set goals for our family.  Most incredible life-changing course I have attended!
Rose Narouz

Life Mastery has given me a new sense of direction in my life as well as a solid plan to make it happen.  It was great to get on the same page as my significant other, to develop clear goals and to be reminded that anything is possible when you set your mind to it.

Keenan Galas, Director, Future Services

I was very hesitant to do this course but am so glad I did it.  I feel like my goals and plans are so clear now and so much more possible to achieve.
Ashleigh Griffiths, Admin Assistant

Perfect timing – perfect course for ensuring we have a plan to success in all areas of our lives, particularly with regard to my new business.  It’s got us – Tim and I – on some page again – Yay.  Thank you Jeremy and Lori.
Lyndi Leggett, Freelance Trainer & Diving Instructor

What a great experience to go through with your life partner.  I believe it has enhanced our partnership.
Tim Leggett, Infrastruture Program Manager, NSW Dept of Finance, Services & Innovation

These courses are amazing.  They have changed my life.  I will attend every Rapport program you put together and I will be recommending people to come along – thank you so much.
Mouhammad Zraiku, Foreman, Skyform Group

I have finally gained clarity over my life after 40 years with plan and map that will achieve my dreams in the next 5 years and beyond.
Darren Turner, Director, Zdrjavle

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