Have you ever noticed how people often make the mistake of assuming that other people understand the ideas that they are communicating?

Time and again, frustration arises because what you thought you had clearly communicated does not result in the outcome you desire.

Are you ready to fix this problem once and for all?  Yes?  Well then, I encourage you to read on and consider the following ideas carefully.

Firstly, communication is all about the ability to be understood.  If your message is not understood, communication has not occurred.

Understand that communication is not about what you say, it’s what they heard…

It’s not about what you mean, it’s what’s understood…

For communication to work properly, you must communicate what you want.

“Well derrr!!!, I hear you say.”  That’s not rocket science.

So that’s it.  Time to go out and put these principles into action.  Practice makes perfect.

Here’s where people get unstuck with communication.  In order to get what you want, you must be able to give others what they want. That is, your communication needs to be framed and delivered and tailored specific to your audience.

Here’s 7 simple principles to ensure more clarity and power in your communications:

  1. Come from first person in your communications.  Use the word “I”, instead of the words “we” or “you.”  Outline the issue as seen from your perspective.
  2. Deliver your message with a clear and confident voice that is easily understood. Ie Speak with more volume than natural for you.
  3. Check for understanding by observing body language and reactions as you speak and by asking follow up questions to see what was understood.
  4. Avoid using absolutes in your communication.  Words like “always” or “never” put yourself and others into a box and limit productive discussion.
  5. Frame your communication in terms of the values of the person you are communicating with.  Always consider how to make your message meaningful to the recipient.
  6. Create rapport with your audience through facial expressions (smiling) and body language.  The greater the rapport, the easier that communication becomes.
  7. Be sure to summarise your communication and repeat key points.  Saying it once is often just not enough. Consider sending through a written summary of important points from face-to-face meetings that you have had.

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