The secret elements of successful leadership have been highlighted in a study of business leaders by leadership consultants, Zenger and Folkman.

The 300,000 business leaders in the study were asked to rank what they considered to be the top skills needed to succeed in their current roles.

Here’s what were identified in the study as being the Top 5 skills:

1. Inspires and motivates their team

Exceptional leaders build a clear vision for the future and communicate it with passion.  It’s important for team members to understand that the work that they are doing has a positive impact, be it at customer level, within the broader community, or on a global scale.  Previous research has identified that while this is the most critical skill that leaders need in order to succeed, it is one of the least demonstrated skills for Australian managers and leaders.

2. Demonstrates a high level of integrity and honesty

Being true to your word is extremely important for leadership success. Exceptional leaders must have a high degree of integrity. They also need to be prepared to answer even the most difficult of questions honestly.

3. Ability to problem solve and be analytical

Let’s face it. Solving problems and being analytical should almost go without saying.  But the problem-solving and analytical abilities need to go further than that. They need to go hand in hand with being good with people to bring it all together.

4. Drive that produces results

Exceptional leaders have the persistence, dedication and drive to make great things happen. They are the ones others turn to to get results, in contrast to those on the sidelines waiting for things to come to them.

5. Communicates powerfully and prolifically

It doesn’t matter what medium leaders use to communicate, what’s important is that successful leaders communicate prolifically and communicate with impact.

If you were to rate your team in terms of their level of motivation/inspiration, what would your answer be?

Now ask yourself, “How would you rate your own level of energy as an inspiring leader on a scale of 1 to 10?”

As a leader you set the level of energy for your organisation.

For your team to go to another level, first YOU need to go to another level and lead from the front.

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