If you want to attend a life-changing course with relevant active learning techniques to set you up to be a highly successful and confident leader then Leadership Breakthrough One is for you.
Craig Scar, National Marketing Manager, Yourtown

Leadership Breakthrough One is not a course, it’s an extraordinary experience that all aspiring leaders need to experience.  I have been positively impacted and will treasure this experience always.
Stefano Calautti, General Manager, Calcono

Leadership Breakthrough one provides a challenging and inspiring environment for personal and team development.  A stretch for the mind.
Russell Sheehan, General Manager, Service Today

I was taught and shown the possibility of creating powerful teams within just a few days, and learned how I can empower and inspire individuals and groups of people.   I received the benefit and confidence that I can break through any mental block, more powerful than breaking wood.  I am a leader with a samurai mindset and am comfortable to push beyond my comfort zones and risk failure.
Darren Turner, Director, Zdravlje

I am happy to recommend this course with Rapport Leadership.  I learned new skills in Leadership Breakthrough One that will take my leadership to the next level.  I found the course challenging and that is exactly why people should do it.
Mark Kaushal, Business Owner, Narellan Pools

This Leadership Breakthrough One course totally transformed me and my thinking.  It allowed me to breakthrough my blocks to leadership.  This is not just an average course.  This experience changed me and I highly recommend this experience for those people ready and willing to go to the next level.
Ammar Quettawala, Director, QTECX Solutions

Leadership Breakthrough One is life-changing and I am extremely grateful to my employer for giving me this opportunity.  I only wished that I had done it years ago.
Kevin Blanch, National Operations Manager, Exact Security

I would recommend Rapport Leadership to any existing or aspiring leaders out there.  The course pushes you out of your comfort zone and beyond your limits.  Your personal and professional growth and innovation will thank you for it.
Jack George, Principal Recruiter, Divy

My experience has been indescribable.   The emotion, power and exhilaration was to the extreme and back again.  I have gained back my self-worth and purpose and I will live a better life all over.
Kellie Spratling, Administration & Marketing Coordinator, Sinclair Meats

I believe this course is life-changing.  It unlocks so many hidden beliefs and powers we all have inside of us that we don’t know about.  The course makes you really go out of your comfort zone and push your boundaries.  Highly recommended.
Zach Caruana, Electrical Technician, Future Services

Rapport Leadership has opened up my eyes as well as my mind.  I was challenged to have a deeper look into myself on a lot of aspects, e.g. fear, judgment, seeking validation, wanted to be liked, which had been holding me back both in my work, my business and my family relationships.  Taking this Leadership Breakthrough One course was one of the most important decisions I made so far.  I’m confident that I will have the courage and support to break down the barriers I’ll face.
Nate Wang, Chief Financial Officer, Kiddie Land

Leadership Breakthrough one provided me with new skills that I will be able to apply in my work and life.  I feel this course has changed my life.  The style of delivery was very unique and challenging.  I feel this is the best way to get the team’s attention and focus and would recommend this course to others.
Patrick Wilden, Manager, Gold Crest Security

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