Leadership Breakthrough One was an excellent experience.  If you are looking to improve your self-confidence for personal and professional development, then this is the course for you.  Its completely different from other training experiences.  It challenges, motivates, stretches and gives excellent strategies to enable growth within you.
Matthew Thompson, Director, GCOMM

Leadership Breakthrough One has given me confidence and power.
Steven Agamalis, Business Development Manager, ICTechnology

I needed a lift and surge in my life at this stage.  I found this course to be uplifting and encouraging but also challenging and it pushed me out of my comfort zone.  Glad for the experience.
Alex Thomas, Reverend, Pennant Hills Uniting Church

It’s a whirlwind experience that stretches your capacity past its limits over 2.5 days.  You haven’t been to a leadership program like this before, and I would strongly recommend Rapport Leadership.
Tinonui Isaia, Trainer, Rap4Change

Leadership Breakthrough One was delivered by professional and supportive trainers.  This truly intensive experience provided me big gains in a short time.  It was both transformative and perspective broadening.
Louisa Mettam, Director, Mettamorphic

I extremely enjoyed the course.  It was extremely hard to let go and go for the ride initially.  Once we got going as a team there was no going back.
George Boustani, Managing Director, Solid Networks

A challenging learning experience.  Effective team building and bonding.  Great committed instructors.
Robert Turnbull, Senior Counsel,

Rapport Leadership really teaches you how to re-program your negative psychological thought patterns.  They also teach you to focus, breakthrough and change unproductive and powerless habits.
Christine Sukkar, Trainer, Rap4Change

The Rapport Leadership trainers are excellent at what they do
Michael Meade, Service Manager, Recom

Amazing course – it really helped me focus on what kept me back, identify how to break the barriers and what I need to do to keep moving forward.
Nadia Messiha, Principal, Hills Family Lawyers

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