Jeremy Carter, CEO of Rapport Leadership Australia invites you to support the Heart Foundation by running the CitytoSurf in 2015 and raising funds to support some of Australia’s rising stars in cardiovascular medical research. Heart disease is Australia’s single biggest killer of men and women.

The Rising Stars Network is an initiative by the Heart Foundation to retain talented young researchers in Australia and to ensure the long term sustainability of research into cardiovascular disease in New South Wales. The initiative helps to build capability by attracting, retaining and mentoring young and emerging researchers and kickstarting their careers with research funding. In 2015, the Heart Foundation is aiming raise sufficient funds to award three $200,000 research project grants to support our cardiovascular rising stars.

Ten years ago, Jeremy was living on heart attack street, working 100 hours per week, smoking a pack and a half of cigarettes every day and weighing in at 127kg, in BMI terms, morbidly obese. The CitytoSurf was his first ever fun run and paved the way for him to start running longer distances including the 2007 New York Marathon with the Heart Foundation and the 2012 North Face 100km Ultra Marathon.

By supporting Jeremy and NSW Heart Foundation CEO, Kerry Doyle, in running the CitytoSurf you can make a positive difference to your health and the community.

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