Do you ever get that feeling you’re trapped on an endless treadmill and you want to get off?  If you’ve lost your Mojo or are feeling uninspired and underwhelmed by life in general? Then chances are, you’re stuck in a rut. It’s no fun being stuck in a rut for you or the other people in your life, so let’s talk about what got you there and some options to get you back on track and living a fulfilling life.

A rut is formed when you tread the same old ground again and again, until you sink so deep that it can be difficult to get out.  While many people like the safety and security of staying within their comfort zone, this is a sure fire recipe to stay stuck and keep getting the same old results.

So, what steps can you take so you start feeling refreshed and begin seeing a different result?

Be a little bit selfish

Take some time out to have some fun, nourish yourself with a treat, some exercise or a new experience.    You need to nourish your head, your heart (or spirit) and your body to feel great. Don’t be afraid of saying, “NO” to others.  You don’t have to accept every offer that comes your way. If you’re not taking the time to give to yourself, it becomes difficult to find the energy to give to others.

Invest in your education

Set aside both time and budget to invest in on-going personal development to keep your learning alive.  People are similar to trees – we’re either growing or we’re in the process of dying. One of my all-time favorite quotes by Ghandi is, “Live as if you were to die tomorrow, learn as if you were to live forever”.

And if we can share, lead and motivate others with what we learn, the more enjoyable it is! After all, education is the door that leads to new adventures, so why not open the door for yourself and others?

Write your ‘Bucket List’

Life is way shorter than you might think, the average person has only about 4,000 weeks in their lifetime.  Start a journal and list out all the amazing experiences and places you want to visit in your lifetime – and start putting dates against them. No point having the list without the fabulous memories to go with them. Why not make the first item renting “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” and dare yourself to explore?

Let go of some things in your life

By letting go, you create space for new things to come into your life.  It may be time to simplify your living, clean out your wardrobe, throw out all the things you’ve been hanging on to for no good reason.  This can also apply to relationships, if the people around you are dragging you down, develop some new relationships with people who give off a great energy.

It’s a bit like applying a “clear desk policy” to other areas of your life. Lighten your load, and set yourself free!

Set some achievable goals

Having clear goals gives you ‘brightness of future’ and something to work towards.  Pair up with a friend when you do this to stretch each other and also to hold each other accountable to staying on track.

If it feels overwhelming, then just start small.   One small goal achieved is worth a lot more than a hundred that never get off the ground. No matter how big or small, remember to celebrate your achievement, and use the impetus of your success to start on the next.

Speak with a friend

Reach out and speak with a friend.  By talking about how you are feeling with someone who cares, you will immediately begin to resolve the issue and come up with solutions for yourself.  Ignoring the issue won’t make it go away.

Bring gratitude back into your life

Find five minutes a day to focus on what you are truly grateful for.  Write a journal and be sure to document the wins you have each day.

Although it may seem like an unnecessary activity, there is a lot more to the habit of gratitude than just being appreciative. Remember, it’s too easy to focus on what’s not working instead of what is.

Lift your chin, pull your shoulders back and choose to put a smile on your face, it’s scientifically proven that when you smile on the outside, it puts your brain into a positive state and releases endorphins that make you feel good.

So what’s your first best step?

Something critical to remember is motivation never comes to those who wait, motivation comes by taking action. The more action you take, the more motivated you become. While the first step out of the rut is always the hardest, rest assured that the following steps get easier.  So your best first step is to pick a couple of action items I’ve outlined above and as we say at Rapport Leadership, “JFDI – Just Focus and Do It!”

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