Continuing our discussion of four keys to effective leadership from a leader at the very top, is the first key, the need to have a deep and critical understanding of self is the first step in becoming a leader;

“Know thyself” is a phrase has been bandied around for over 2100 years since the days of the early Greek philosophers (attributed to Cicero) but what does it really mean? Simply speaking, it means understanding and having certainty around who you are, what you stand for and being aware of your strengths and your limitations.

For modern day leaders, this starts with knowing the core values they live their lives by and also having a clear personal mission; in other words their purpose and the causes to which they choose to dedicate their life.

Successful leaders know they cannot do it all alone, they know what they are best at, and they know where they need to focus in order to be successful. They also recognise the need to set aside their ego and empower other people within their organisation to make things happen.  Great leaders take the blame when something goes wrong and pass the credit to their team when things go right.

So what does this mean for business leaders?

Over and above having a clear personal mission, in order to understand yourself as a leader it is important to put yourself out of your comfort zone, to see how you react under stress and to accept feedback from others with an open heart as an opportunity to go to the next level. If you are not prepared to do this as a leader, then how could you ever expect your team to do it?

How does Rapport Leadership empower leaders?

For more than 30 years, Rapport Leadership has reinvented the way leadership is taught and empowered new leaders with the confidence, self-esteem, and focus necessary to improve their results and build high performance teams. Rapport’s intensive and on-site leadership training courses are experiential leadership classes designed to allow people to experience strong leadership, develop their inner leader and understand and practice their own unique leadership style giving them the resources, experience and confidence to go to the next level.

At Rapport we know that when we improve the person, the performance improves.  When we improve the performance, the family improves, the business improves and the community improves.

To request a complimentary leadership consultation or a leadership analysis of your organisation, contact us today.

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