DISC Profile Report PLUS One-On-One Indepth Follow Up Consultation


DISC Profile Report and Indepth One-On-One Consultation to help you gain a better understanding of your behaviour style and unique qualities and strengths, including leadership potential.  Read on to learn more.

What is behavioural profiling?

Behavioural profiling is the “science” of working out what makes people tick.  Their motivators, their needs, and their common traits and behaviours.

Today, behavioural profiling is used widely to help organisations when recruiting to find the right team fit, to assess someone’s leadership potential, and to improve work productivity and communication within the organisation.

About the DISC profiling system

DISC is a profiling system we use as it is simple to understand, is non-judgmental and show’s your leaning towards one or two broad behavioural styles as well as pinpointing your unique combination of traits and attributes from four main trait groups.  A DISC profile also helps you to gain a better understanding of your unique qualities and strengths and provides powerful insights into how you respond in certain situations, including the way you interact with others.

About The Rapport DISC Profile Report plus One-On-One Indepth Follow Up

This DISC service consists of two steps:

  • The DISC Questionnaire (which you fill out and return to us and the DISC analysis/report is prepared), and
  • A one-on-one follow up consultation to explain the report and results (this is generally conducted online)

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Please note:  If you are an organisation, chat with us to discuss GROUP and REPORT ONLY options.