At Rapport, we believe in the power of process based training to create awareness and drive improvement and change.  We would like to share with you some processes that you can use with the teams you work with. 

Click on a link to read a process in detail. Share these process with colleagues, friends, and family any time you need a recharge.

Team Training Processes

Process Title
A Success Focus In this process, you will have an opportunity to identify the many successes you’ve experienced and created within your life!PDF
Circle of Trust Understand how your actions and behaviors influence the strength of your relationships. Become aware of what you can specifically do to build trust with each member of your team.PDF
Collaboration: Harnessing the Ideas of Many To demonstrate the need for collaboration in the achievement of goals and objectives.PDF
Driving Leadership into The Culture This tool will enhance the training impact of individuals and organizations by linking the skills and tools provided in any Rapport Leadership training course to the behaviors and actions needed to achieve goals and maximize results.PDF
The Four Pillars of Culture Understand the importance of your business culture by encouraging your team to identify and prioritize the strengths of your culture and the behaviors that influence it.PDF
The Impact of Achieving Results through Influence In this process, you will have the opportunity to explore a work and/or life situation and learn the difference between achieving sustainable results through influence.PDF
Layers of EI Understand how Emotional Intelligence influences all levels of your life effectiveness. Clarify and develop your Emotional Intelligence (EI) skills at four levels: Self Awareness, Self Management, Social Awareness and Relationship Management.PDF
Networked for Rapport To create a powerful demonstration to understand the inter-relationships needed for collaboration and the achievement of goals, necessity to enhance communication, teamwork and feedback, and the impact of creating rapport and the behaviors that strengthen relationships.PDF
Observation Tower To gain insights into problem solving and decision making by observing potential solutions through the eyes and thoughts of others. Learn the power of listening to the perspectives of others to improve your own thinking abilities.PDF
Perspectives: A Path to Creativity and Choice In this process, you will have the opportunity to explore a work or life situation from different perspectives. When we “take out the trash” in our minds and open ourselves to other viewpoints of the same situation, our creativity flourishes! We are able to break the patterns of the past, identify best solutions, and move from living a life of chance to living a life of choice and purpose.PDF
Pillars of Performance To build a freestanding pillar using one newspaper and masking tape.PDF
Personal Power Model – Walking “At Cause” Learn to become conscious of how your thoughts drive emotions, then actions, and ultimately create outcomes. When individuals learn to live “At Cause” versus being “In Effect” they unleash their personal power. This process allows you to reframe your thoughts and feelings in response to life’s situations with a positive attitude and productive energy.PDF
Expanding Levels of Your Comfort Zone In this exercise, individuals begin to understand their comfort zones, and develop strategies for moving into their discomfort and adventure/panic zones to increase learning, enhance creativity, and unleash their potential.PDF
From Conventional to Creative To provide the opportunity to practice creative questioning through brainstorming.PDF
The Leadership Bus In this exercise, teams will identify the essential leadership behaviors that are required to move the organization in the right direction.PDF
Upping the Ante To execute the strategy and process of choosing high stakes investments in order to grow your business and create breakthrough results for your company or organization.PDF

If you are looking for a specific training outcome, give us a call and we will do our best to help you find a solution to your needs.