Team Building and Human Resources

bg_hrWhy It’s Important

Rapport Leadership offers clients a diverse set of products and services that address organisational needs and requirements. Human Resource services help to ensure that clients hire the right people for the right position, implement global solutions for systems and communication, provide culture building tools and resources, utilise proven training and performance management tools, maintain compliance with state and national employment regulations and take a strategic approach to all HR functions.

Human Resources Assessments

Rapport Leadership can help maintain employer-employee relationships that contribute to excellent productivity, motivation, and morale making these connections stronger by assessing activities, processes, procedures and perceptions and then offering advice and recommendations on specific efficiencies that can be created.

HR Audits

employee-communicationFor organisations concerned about compliance for state or federal regulations, Rapport Leadership offers audits of all depths. Items in an audit include: policies and procedures, handbooks, hiring documentation, and any team member documentation. Audits help organisations identify where the most risk is and how some of the most expensive risk can easily be avoided.

Consulting and On-site HR Services

Rapport Leadership offers the day-to-day support needed in reference to the Human Resources department services and project needs. Included but not limited to; implementation of systems and processes, daily management of resources and people, recruiting, hiring, training, employee relations, communications, or other HR tasks as necessary. This would be onsite in the client’s offices and/or environment.

HR Projects

Rapport Leadership can provide support in the Human Resource function from the creation of forms and procedure outlines to Human Resource project management and system support.

Job Descriptions:

Rapport Leadership has a range job descriptions from different industries and different designs that can be pulled to help create what the client needs. Rapport Leadership is able to provide a bank of templates or take clients’ job titles and customize descriptions to fit their industry and culture. This requires some onsite time with Human Resources and management in order to fully understand the business and the needs.

Policies & Procedures

Rapport Leadership can provide tailored Human Recourse (people focused, not job skill specific) company-wide policies and procedures. Not only is Rapport Leadership able to provide up-to-date legal company-wide policies and procedures, also some department specific policies and procedures.

Job Skills Training & Checklists

Rapport Leadership has many job skills training outlines, which include checklists for job training. These tools assist managers or internal trainers to assure consistency and transfer of knowledge, skills, and abilities with new team members; and also where department training may be an opportunity for the current team.

Remuneration and Benefits Review

Rapport Leadership can audit your current remuneration and practices to help improve systems, processes and profitability. By helping employees understand their true cost of their employment to the company, people feel more valued in the process and productivity often improves.

Employee Satisfaction Surveys

Rapport Leadership can create a personalised survey for clients to address “where we are now”. Rapport Leadership then collects and organises the data as a guide for leadership and management identifying: opportunities for improvement, what to continue doing, and recognize what employees feel the company is doing well. Surveys are conducted based on the client need. Our recommendation is a minimum of one time per year. Questions will be developed by Rapport Leadership’s experience/expertise and client needs.


Rapport Leadership can help develop recognition programs, create customized newsletters and/or company Human Resource publications. Rapport Leadership International helps clients down the path from good to great communication between team members.

HR Documentation Package

Rapport Leadership is a one-stop-shop for any and all documents any industry would need when it comes to Human Resources. From the beginning of the employee’s career cycle to the separation of the employee forms can be customised to meet the needs of the organisation. Forms are available whether using an automated HR system or manual record keeping process.

Special Projects

Services offered and available during openings, transitions, acquisitions, and mergers.


The branding and culture of a new business is only as effective as the delivery on the promise from team members once a customer arrives. There is one opportunity to impact new or newly acquired team members and set cultural expectations. A high-impact, engaging and experiential “First Look” at the culture will ensure team members understand the Core Values, the Mission, and the Vision of the organisation. They will leave with the understanding of how their behaviours and how they interact with internal and external customers will be the success of the organisation.


Rapport Leadership can provide assistance with advanced knowledge in the development of your recruitment system. If clients are planning to mass hire Rapport Leadership International can provide Recruiters from all backgrounds to help sort and pre-screen candidates.

Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS) Technology

Rapport Leadership has been involved in implementations of HRIS for numerous clients. Once a system has been identified we can build and collect the Human Resource data needed for system set up and functionality.

HR Project Management

Rapport Leadership can provide a detailed checklist and the support needed in human Resources beginning 18 months to two years out from the opening date of a new company or property. Rapport Leadership has opened or been involved in mergers and transitions for over 40 companies. This includes every detail from the HR capital side to the technology Human Resource needs. Project managers will ensure that positive actions can be taken and major pitfalls are avoided.

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