Course Quality 9.69/10 – 97

Course Breadth 9.55/10 – 96

Course Relevance 9.69/10 – 97

Trainer Knowledge 9.8/10 – 98

Trainer Engagement 9.91/10 – 90

Survey Data from over 350 course attendees in 2013

A: No, absolutely not.  It is designed for people who are open to challenging themselves to go to the next level and are prepared to take an honest look at how they are showing up in life and as a leader

A: No, it is very different. Rapport’s leadership training is about finding your inner purpose and voice as a leader and learning leadership skills that you can apply to advance your career, your business and your life. The training is very interactive and hands on. See also our about us page.

A: In terms of the method of delivery, yes. Our courses are very interactive and use processes to facilitate effective learning of the topics we teach on leadership, team building, productivity and communication.

A: Absolutely not. It encourages you to use your critical thinking skills at all times. The course trainer is a highly experienced facilitator and never positioned as a ‘guru’. People who attend our training experience amazing leadership insights and breakthroughs and are almost always happy to recommend our courses to their colleagues and friends.

A: We make no secret of the fact that our training is TOUGH. If you consider that over 250,000 people have been through our training over the last 29 years, it hardly surprising that a couple of people did not like it. In most cases, the negative reviews are by people who were sent to the training by their employers and were not there of their own free will.