Eagle Quest takes you out of your comfort zone to examine self-imposed limits and your willingness to embrace growth. Using powerful team challenges and a state-of-the-art ropes course, you gain self-confidence and develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Eagle Quest is strategically sequenced and masterfully facilitated to raise the bar on personal achievement. You will gain courage to take professional risks that self-imposed limits once prohibited. By clarifying how to stay on-purpose, walking the path of your dreams, and learning to leave no one behind; team support, encouragement and empowerment are taken to new heights!no limits

What will you learn at the course?

  • Team Accountability & Responsibility
  • Courage & Overcoming Limits
  • Critical Thinking & Problem Solving
  • Leading with Vision
  • Aligning Team Strengths
  • Focus & Motivation

ropes-course-199x300What results can you expect by attending?

  • Align your activities and the activities of the team with the goal of the organisation
  • Gain courage to take risks and do things differently to create cultural shifts and atmospheres of innovation
  • Inspire and motivate teams with the vision of the organisation
  • Create a cohesive team to drive the mission throughout the organisation
  • Understand priorities and know which action to take right now—create a culture of discipline where people do more and more of the right things

“Eagle Quest was the most powerful course I’ve ever taken. I was able to identify things in my life that were holding me back, and more importantly I left them behind. After completing the course I immediately began interacting with people differently and achieving AMAZING results! My relationships are stronger, I make a more positive impact everywhere I go and my employees are energized, positive and forward-focused.”
Todd Gilson, Accent Purchasing Solutions