It’s About Time!

A No-Bull, No Fluff Program to Help You Build Your Career and Your Business…. So You Can Live the Life Of Your Dreams…

innercircleRapport Leadership offers some of the toughest leadership training on the planet…

The lessons learned have lifelong impact and can help you achieve amazing new levels of success in your life and your career.

BUT – that’s only if you choose to implement the teachings into your daily activities.


With Rapport Leadership Australia Managing Director, Jeremy Carter each month!


LATEST NEWS!!! A regular news update of the latest happenings in the world of leadership AND how you can apply them to your benefit

KEY LEADERSHIP CONCEPTS: This is where we REVIEW some of the key concepts from your training in more detail and why they are so important to your success. Also, HOW to apply them in your personal situation for maximum impact.

REGULAR ASSIGNMENTS: Just like in class, I’ll be giving you REGULAR assignments for your business, AND the action steps you need to get done THAT WEEK to take your business to a new level!

WEBINARS: An all access pass to the library of all the previous sessions we have presented.

FORUMS: Access an exclusive members only forum to discuss your leadership challenges with other graduates.

GUEST SPEAKERS:  Amazing guest speakers to challenge you to new heights.

In this program we will also be bringing you the latest leadership news and detailed step-by-step information you need to stay ahead of the curve.

The #1 thing that national brands are willing to pay Jeremy for is his expertise in Leadership and Business. Hundreds of business owners have come to trust Jeremy and his advice regarding taking businesses to the next level.

Now YOU can have access to Jeremy on a regular basis, with a LIVE video training on what’s happening in Leadership and 3 action steps that you can take in your business THAT week to get to the next step.


  • Weekly contact for motivation and leadership resources for your succes
  • Monthly LIVE Conference Call / Webinar With Jeremy or a certified Rapport Trainer
  • Action Steps you can take in your business immediately each week
  • Live interaction with Jeremy in his Private Group For Inner Circle Members
  • Access to some of Jeremy’s GUEST EXPERTS who will help you in your business!

Monthly Investment is only $97.00 or $ 897.00 per year