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It Takes So Much More to be an Outstanding Manager in Business Today.
Develop Your Management And Supervisory Skills To Help Build Stronger Relationships, Manage And Lead People More Effectively, and Get Things Done.

26-27 July, 2021 (Sydney CBD)

About this course

Winging it and relying on technical know-how and industry experience no longer cuts it when it comes to being an effective manager in today’s increasingly competitive and demanding business environment.

Gain valuable insights and get equipped with what you need to know to step up and manage with impact at the Management Skills for Managers and Leaders two-day training event.

What will be covered for you at Management Skills for Managers and Leaders:

  • Critical management and leadership skills for results
  • Getting projects completed on time and on target
  • Improving your rapport and communication skills
  • Effectively delivering feedback and discipline for employee growth
  • Engaging your team, curbing absenteeism and employee turnover
  • Leading organisational change and fostering a ‘can do’ culture
  • Emotional intelligence and coaching skills
  • Developing your personal management style and presence
  • And more

The content, presenter and practicality were excellent. Very inspiring training and I feel I’ll be able to implement the ideas.
– Penelope Calvert, Deputy Manager, Marketing for ANU Joint Colleges of Science
Australian National University

The whole course was a fantastic experience.
– Sally Fox, Operations Manager, Viatek Services

This course is rapidly becoming a favoured go-to for individuals and organisations that expect more from management training, and an ideal investment to fast-track your management, supervisory and leadership success.


Hurry!  Limited spots.