Leadership Breakthrough One



Isn’t it about time you discovered the secrets to high performance leadership?  Learn and master critical leadership skills that will help improve your productivity, ability to make quick decisions, communicate with confidence, and inspire & motivate teams.

Intensive 2.5-day high performance leadership course (residential)
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Location:  Windsor, NSW.

Rapid and powerful leadership skills development.

At Leadership Breakthrough One you’ll learn how to:

  • Switch on laser focus
  • Inspire and motivate people to peak performance
  • Speak publicly with greater confidence and projection
  • Be a more effective listener
  • Improve your emotional intelligence and self-awareness
  • Discover what it really takes be part of a high performance team
  • And so much more

Leadership Breakthrough One is like no other training course I have ever done. It truly pushes you out of your comfort zones and makes you look at things in a far different light from what you have ever seen them before. I really got great value from this course and I know that the benefits will translate at work, in business and also in my home life. Leadership Breakthrough One was really very beneficial and a fantastic experience.  It is a phenomenal course.”
Debra Manson, Director, Debra Manson Recruitment and Training

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